Shut Up- U-Kiss

I’m not an anti-fan, I swear, the name of the song really is “Shut Up”!!!!

U-Kiss seems to always go a step further with their songs… Like with “Am I Easy”… “Shut Up” is, as you can tell, not a love song in the least. The English at the beginning of the song really doesn’t fit with the rest of it. The song is a message to a girl who has been playing games with the guys heart for too long. They are tired of hearing her nice words and seeing her fake tears. At this point they want nothing more than for the girl to just shut up and go away. The song really works, you could almost play it to anyone you hate, regardless of if you were in love or anything. There’s really just one line that talks about being in love. I can think of a few former friends I’d like to say this to… A translation note though- the word for “Shut Up” literally means “Noisy!”. In Korea they use it to mean “Shut Up”, but it kind of has a less harsh sense than the English word. It’s more like saying “You’re being noisy, be quiet”, but either translation works in the song.
Shut up!/ shut up!/ shut up!/ shut up!/ Cause your life, cause your mind/ disappear from my sight/ cause your life, I’ll just say/ I can’t hold onto the hope that your heart will change anymore/ I really hate you, I don’t like you anymore

The dance looks pretty cool actually, I think it’s a lot stronger than the other dances from U-Kiss, and it looks the coolest. One issue I have is that in slower parts or parts where they talk about having been in love they stroke a member, so it kind of looks a bit… awkward… And I’m not a fan of the hand cross thing they do when they say “Shut up”. Oh, and one tiny little thing I’m going to poke at: when they say “Shut up” at one point the kind of throw a hand back and it looks more like they will hit the girl if she doesn’t shut up, which is a bit strong…

Story: Eh~~~/5
There’s kind of not really a story. I think the members labeled it best through their twitter- the girl in the MV is a model, not an actress. You just she shots of her with each member, very close (like, strangely close for as conservative a country as Korea is, there is even a pretty fast kissing scene). But anyways you see her with each guy in intimate positions, but they are looking away and singing their parts of the song. She ignores the words, so I think it is supposed to be that she doesn’t hear them.

Other Things
I’m going to pick on style a lot, just FYI.

1) The cuts- seriously, why are the members covered in fake wounds??? It’s really weird and if they aren’t going to put any scenes in explaining it they shouldn’t have them. I kind of get that it’s a metaphor for being cut up by the girl in love, but seriously… too abstract guys.

2) Shirtless…. Two members are featured shirtless in this MV to show off abs. The thing is they aren’t even kind of trying to not draw attention- they are standing shirtless with a jacket thrown over their shoulders or are only wearing shirts that cover their pecks, leaving their abs on display constantly. It’s kind of annoyingly in your face. I wish the stylist had shown some discretion. Especially with Kiseop, I don’t think there is a single shot of him where he isn’t half naked. I like my slip shots of abs to be more like Leeteuk in Super Junior’s “Bonamana” (he is wearing an open black jacket and no shirt under it), still visible, but not on display so prominently. Oh, and Kevin is awkward in the shots where he is just standing holding his jacket. The lighting is bad and it puts weird shadows on his pectorals, so it looks like he has moobs (man boobs).

3) The hair- sometimes it rocks, sometimes it sucks. I think they constantly over-style Kevin and Eli, and they come out looking really bad. Dongho and Alexander look great in really any shot but the ones in white suits. In the white suit shots every member suddenly has flat hair and it doesn’t look as strong as it could.

4) Makeup- every style can be ruined by too much makeup, and I think that’s a chronic mistake for them. What’s weird is that this phenomenon seems focused on Kevin and Eli. They chronically have too much makeup on and Kevin ALWAYS has too much eye makeup on. He comes off looking really feminine, even though I think the point of so much makeup was to balance out his softer face It isn’t a problem when his hair is spiked out for the black-outfit shots, but in every other shot his hair is flat and it just looks bad…

I’ll say this for Kevin- even if in the shirtless shot the shadows give him moobs those abs are impressive. Kiseop’s too, though they are way too featured. Kevin did a good job of hiding those, I don’t think anyone guessed he could have that 6 pack hidden. It’s like 2AM’s JoKwon, he’s way too skinny for you to think he works out.

I picked on this MV a lot, especially the styles, but don’t misunderstand- I liked it a lot. I just don’t like how they overdid everything. That seems to be a constant flaw of the U-Kiss stylists, they do great with most members, but there are always like 1 or 2 who just look like they got the steroid version of the style everyone else had.

I could only find the MV with subs attached, sorry if you were hoping for a raw one!

  1. #1 by Jean To on January 19, 2011 - 3:56 am

    I undoubtedly didn’t realize that. Learnt one thing new nowadays! Thanks for that.

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