If Today Was Your Last Day- Nickelback

I really like this group, and their MVs are always great.

The song title pretty much tells it all. The song is a message for people to live each day like their last. My personal favorite line in the song is “Against the grain should be a way of life”. It’s just one of those songs that is supposed to inspire people, without much depth on it’s own.
If today was your last day/ tomorrow was too late/ could you say goodbye to yesterday/ would you live each moment like your last/ leave old pictures in the past/ donate every dime you had/ and would you call those friends you never see/ reminisce old memories/ would you forgive old enemies/ and would you find that one you’re dreaming of/ swear up and down that you’re in love/ if today was your last day/ if today was your last day

Nickelback, like pretty much all English singers, don’t dance, but that is because they play their own instruments, so they don’t loose cool points.

Story: 5/5
That’s why I love this MV, there is an actual and strong story! You see three groups of people (one in an individual, so one person group!) going around looking suspicious. Some guys are antsy and hop on a subway, some girls are being picked up by their friends in an old car, and a man in a suit with a large empty bag walks into a bank, checks out security, and then walks up and hands the teller a note. You see them all looking increasingly suspicious and then suddenly they all turn out to be doing something good. The two boys who look like they’re selling drugs open up their bags and throw strips of paper into a crows of people, on each is written a tip- “Call a friend you never see” (bits of the song, if you can’t tell), “Forgive old enemies”, etc. The people in the crowd take to heart the paper and are happier. The group of people in the beat up truck look like they are blowing up time square, but they are handing out jackets to cold people with those phrases written on them, and finally the man in the bank took out all his money and walks around just giving it to people.

Other Things
This is a simple MV, most of it is carried by the story, but it’s good. I don’t really have much to say about it…

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