Never Gonna Be Alone- Nickelback

I absolutely love this song, and I’m glad there is an MV for it.

The song is about protecting someone you love. No matter what happens in life they promise to watch over and guard the person they love.
You’re never gonna be alone/ from this moment on/ if you ever feel like letting go/ I won’t let you fall/ when all the hope is gone/ I know that you can carry on/ we’re going to see the world on/ I’ll hold you until the hurt is gone

Nope, none for Nickelback, remember?

Story: 9/5
In the story you see a girl on her wedding day holding a bouquet of flowers with a single blue paper flower in the center. She smiles back to her father and remembers him always supporting her through moments of her life- sitting and clapping at her graduation, seeing her off when she goes to prom, teaching her to ride a bike. Then you see the woman as a little girl going to her father’s funeral, leaving for him a yellow paper flower and keeping a blue one. It flashes back through all the moments of her life and you see that her father was really a ghost watching over her.

Other Things
Sad as hell, but a great song. I don’t cry, and I mean it, but this song got a few tears. Plus I’m exhausted and it’s nearly 2am, so I’m kind of softened up already.

  1. #1 by sara m on April 25, 2011 - 12:29 am

    i cant stop crying over this song<\3

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