You Won’t Return My Calls- 2AM

This is an amazing music video, I think my favorite for 2AM ^^

The song is about a relationship ending. It is a lot like Super Junior’s “She’s Gone”, but it takes place after the girl walked away. They are not willing to let go, but say they will wait in front of her door for her to appear again. Think 2PM’s “I’ll Be Back”, but once all the hope is gone.
You who won’t answer my calls anymore/ you who doesn’t want to see me at all/ no matter how I beg for forgiveness/ there is already no point/ waiting by your door/ even if you pretend you can’t see me/ brushing past my shoulder/ like you are seeing a stranger for the first time/ waiting until you are willing to hear me say sorry

2 AM is a ballad group, they don’t dance.

Story: 5/5
The story is incredible, but it really doesn’t go with the music video at all. You see Seulong sitting miserably on the floor of his apartment, rolling couple rings in a box and listening to the phone ring. The calendar in front of him says the 25th is his 1 year anniversary with his girlfriend. He finally picks up the phone and is shocked to hear her voice confirming their anniversary plans. He asks her where she is and she tells him to not be late. He runs to her apartment to see a police line and the cake a decorations she bought lying on the floor. The cops push him away and seat him in a lounge. He immediately calls his girlfriend, who is still alive and still waiting for him to arrive. He screams desperately for her to stay inside and not open the door at all, but she hears a knock and leaves. He keeps screaming at her to stop. Eventually you get a confirmation of what you’ve probably figured out: the calendar behind her says “October 25”, all the others say “October 26”, so I guess in this context the song is more about missing someone who died?

Other Things
Even if the story is a bit tired I really like how it fit together.

The actress playing Seulong’s girlfriend looks way older than him. Not tons, but he looks 24 and she looks 32. There is nothing wrong with that, but it’s just kind of a slanted pairing.

A note on the style: why did the stylist feel the need to give EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of 2AM the exact same haircut??? JoKwon’s ears stick out weird when his hair is like that.

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