Reverse Stalking- Injury Statements!

SM went on a mini statement spree! And I finally get now why you keep asking about different people, so here is the SM Town injury list:

F(x) Amber-
Amber HAS NOT LEFT F(X)! SM made a statement (finally) regarding the fan rumors. She has apparently always had bad ankles and when she was injured during Mr.Boogie promotions and since her recovery time was longer than F(x) had any schedules for they just told her she could return to her family in the States and recover there. She intends to return to F(x) when they begin preparing for their comeback.

SHINee Jonghyun:
Jonghyun injured his knee at a performance. He has been put on rest until it recovers, I believe he tore a ligament…

SNSD Tiffany:
Tiffany has also torn a ligament in her knee after falling during a performance of “Hoot” recently. She has been given 4 weeks of strict rest to recover from the injury, so SNSD will be promoting as 8 members for the next month.

Super Junior Leeteuk:
Teukie broke his finger recently. He will continue doing schedules while it recovers.

Super Junior Shindong:
Shindong injured his shoulder and is in an arm sling. His fiancee Nari revealed on twitter that he was told to strictly rest and not do activities, but he ignored the doctors orders and took pain pills so he could perform at the Super Show in Nanjing recently. His arm is in a sling.

So that’s the injury list! Whenever someone gets hurt, it seems like everyone is hurt! No one has left any groups, they are just all recovering.

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