Going into the movie (not literally, I watched it on my computer) I knew this was going to be a rip off of “The Day After Tomorrow” (one of my all-time favorites), but I’m really conflicted after watching it…

Plot: 3/5
Like I said, it is a total rip-off of “The Day After Tomorrow”, with some very low-level changes. The story is based around that horrible Tsunamis in Indonesia in 2004 (I believe) where hundreds of thousands died. The premise of this movie is that earthquakes in Japan cause an island to collapse into the sea and create a Tsunamis of equal size which crashes into Haeundae Island (Tsunamis Island) and Busan in South Korea. The story follows a few groups.

Group 1: A girl whose father was killed by a mega wave while out with his fishing crew during the 2004 Tsunamis and her long-time friend who her father asked to take care of her using his dying breaths. This friend made a bad call on the boat which resulted in a crab cage falling on her father and ultimately cost him his life that day, so he carries around both great love for her and guilt. He has a son from a woman who basically “stuck around long enough to pop out a baby and leave.”

Group 2: The Dennis Quaid of the movie who tries to warn everyone but they just won’t listen and his ex-wife, who never told their daughter that he was her father (this is kind of a direct rip off).

Group 3: The girl’s friend who is like an older brother. He’s a real screw-up, but plays a kind of comic relief throughout the movie. He is usually seen with the son of the guy from Group 1.

Group 4: A water rescue guy and a girl who falls in love with him. They seem to always be fighting, and they are most definitely the main comic relief, but near the end of the movie you see they have fallen in love.

I can’t tell you the ending, but it is true Korean style, just like “The Host”.

Acting: 5/5
There are some rough patches, and there is really only one guy in the cast who can be considered “eye-candy”, but overall I think it was an extremely well-acted movie.

Directing: 5/5
Again, I am tempted to take points off for about half of this movie being virtually identical to “The Day After Tomorrow”, but the directing was good. I like the Korean humor (can’t give examples without giving away the story) and he doesn’t dwell when it isn’t important.  I think there are no wasted shots, and I like this director for that, it is very clean cut.

You can watch this movie on YouTube, there is a hard and soft-subbed version. The soft-subbed version is choppy at best, but the hard-subbed is missing a scene. I recommend mixing it and only watching the missing scene (near the end) with soft-sub.

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