I My Me Mine- 4 Minute

Another 4-Minute song about the same exact thing, who would have guessed???

As you can tell I have a little issue with 4-Minute. They sound good, they can dance, but their songs are extremely shallow. And every single song is about the same thing. It’s obnoxious. This song, like all the others, is about being the best, being on top of everything, and wanting to reset so you can have whatever you want… Yeah, any other 4-Minute song is about the same thing so I don’t have much to say.
I’m on top top top/ now for me to reset/ I-I My Me Mine/ I-I-I My Me Mine/ I can’t stop stop stop/ now for everyone to reset/ I-I My Me Mine/ I-I-I My stop stop/ re-re-replay (click click click click)/ re-re-return (click click click click)/ re-re-re-re-reset (click click click click)/ my mine my mine/ I My Me Mine

Like I said, the dance is good, kind of common, but they definitely worked hard on it. They seem to have a continuity issue within their dances. You can tell who the singing members are and who the dancing members are just by looking. They also seem to disagree about the level of popping involved in the song. That is a definite issue, they should try to match up everyone, but they do fine with other songs, so it isn’t a fatal flaw or anything.

The set is just a bunch of abstract lit sets, there isn’t anything really to get from the visuals. It’s just meant to show off the dance, not add anything to the story.

Other Things
4-Minute seems to be trying to attract their fans through the arrogant songs, sexy dances, and always having at least 1 member who is wearing practically nothing… The members are talented, that is not in question at all, but honestly the group concept isn’t one I would go for. There is no depth to their songs or anything like that. I would be surprised if, the way they are going now, the group made it past maybe 4 years. They need to vary it a bit and attract a more solid fan base.

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