Mystery 6

This is a TV show, for those of you who don’t know.

From what I’ve come to understand about “Mystery 6” the show is actually just called “Mystery”, the “6” is the season number. I guess each season has it’s own story, I don’t think it’s on anymore though…

Plot: 6/5
The story follows (drum roll) Super Junior ^^

It’s filmed like a reality investigation, but it was all scripted (how closely the members stuck to the script is unknown). The show was filmed after “Miracle” promotions began, but before “U” promotions, so there is no Kyuhyun (I don’t think the members even knew at this point that there would *be* a Kyuhyun).

So here’s the story: Donghae has been having nightmares (I love how when they do a movie or show it’s Donghae who is the lead, not one of the actual actors). Only these aren’t normal nightmares, he can’t get up after waking from them and his health is failing fast from lack of sleep and illness. The “Mystery” staff decide to set up a series of video cameras in Super Junior’s dorm to investigate the issue, and on their first night the shadow of a girl appears huddled in the corner of the room.

Over the course of 6 episodes Super Junior must figure out why there is a ghost in Donghae’s room, the story behind the horrible event which occurred in their dorm, and figure out what the spirit wants with Donghae. The members’ investigation reveals a previous owner of the house who also began to see ghosts and have nightmares, and their experience ended when a crazed father beat his daughter to death to stop the visions. While Donghae’s condition deteriorates and the members start to see ghosts around them the whole story slowly comes to light.

I didn’t mean to be so DVD cover about it, but it was kind of hard to describe the plot without giving anything big away.

It’s a scary show, but it’s also a show with Super Junior, so it all balances out. Whenever there is something terrifying they bring in the members to try and make things better. Little corners include Reporter Kim’s feature story on the event in Episode 1 (Heechul steals a camera and a spoon microphone and goes on a rampage) and Kangin’s Cooking Show where they attempt to make some food for Donghae to help him get his strength back (and which involves a very foolish Eunhyuk being made to taste Vinegar and Sesame Oil among other things to check their freshness). There is a great story running through the show, and the funny detours are just that, funny tiny little detours, so they get back to the story quickly.

Acting: 5/5

It seriously entertains me how the “Actors” of Super Junior don’t do much acting in their feature shows (this and “Attack on the Pin-Up Boys”). It tends to be Donghae (who is making his big debut as an actor TONIGHT with his solo role in “It’s Alright Daddy’s Daughter”, in fact it should already be about over). The acting is great, and a lot of the show is informal, so other than Donghae the other members don’t really appear much. Don’t get me wrong, there are always 2-3 members in almost every scene, but no member other than Hae is really heavily featured. Ryeowook, Sungmin, and Yesung even catch a few lines here and there (they tend to be the quiet ones)! Ryeowook plays a bigger role later on in the show.

I’m not giving a numerical score here. The show is filmed guerrilla-style and is VERY informal. It really does just look like a camera crew sent to film Super Junior while SJ is distracted trying to help Donghae with the ghost that is trying to slowly kill him.

I HIGHLY  recommend checking this show out. It’s funny and it has a good plot. I’m currently watching it for the 4th time. Just a warning though: in the first episode you get some of the typical scary ghost-jumps-at-camera (beware of the scene with the girls in school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! scared the crap out of me…), but that happens maybe 2-3 times in the entire show, and usually they don’t dwell and try to be funny as quickly as good writing allows.

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