Reverse Stalking- A question

This is all I will post still, I’ll get back to reviews as soon as things calm down a bit in Korea… As some of you know I am living there now and I am very worried for my friends…

But anyways, the question I got was “What programs have SNSD been in”.

Other than guesting on an episode or two of variety programs i am aware of the following shows featuring SNSD:

Factory Girl:
SNSD members become guest editors of a magazine to learn about fashion and the fashion world.

Girls Go to School:
Following the Girls from pre-debut to post-debut as they appear repeatedly on the Variety show “School of Rock”. Narrated by Super Junior’s Sungmin.

Hello Baby: Season 1
SNSD raises an infant to experience the world of parenthood.

Horror Movie Factory:
SNSD tests their ability to act in Horror flicks and trains to be horror movie actresses.

Invincible Youth: Season 1
Sunny and Yuri join members of other girl groups to learn how to run a farm.

We Got Married: Season 1, 2
Taeyeon, along with several other celebrities, forms half of a fake married couple and must live life as though she *were* a bride. In Season 2 Seohyun makes up half of the “Sweet Potato Couple”.

Those are the only programs I have that SNSD are a part of. If they have been regulars in others (I don’t count hosting gigs on music programs, just FYI), then please let me know.

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