Announcement- Yeah, I know…

I know I haven’t been making changes to the site in the last couple of days, it’s finals week here in Korea and I’ve been busy.

Mini-Mini Rant:

Why is it I always get put into Teams with people who don’t do their work and are lazy??? Seriously! The university thing I’m in Korea for requires us to work in Teams of 8 and present a group project at midterms and finals. I did 80% of the last project because no one else would help and this time I’ve done 100% of the project. When I ask one of the guys if he remembered to find out the information he was supposed to get (our Team leader) his answer was “I have better things to do… You should go ask one of the Koreans.” (-_-*)

I hate people right now…


But anyways!!! I’ll try to survive finals, my last one is in 7 days~ So far so good though! Then I will update the site for you, put pictures in the reviews, and make everything generally prettier ^^ Hope any of you suffering through finals can hold in there and do your best! ^^

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