**Announcement: Super Junior M UPDATE**

Sorry I’m like a day or two late on this one, I just flew from Korea to the US, so I think that’s a good excuse!

One Way’s Chance (One Way is another group) was tweeting about Super Junior M’s recording (I guess he’s helping as a technician or something):

“Working with the M Brothers” (Super Junior M), followed by “Just finished Ryeowook’s part. Taking a break. Hanging with Henry and Zhou Mi”, followed by “Now recording SUNGMIN’S part”. He deleted the last and said “oops… don’t think I was supposed to say that”.

Leeteuk has also apparently hinted that Sungmin AND Eunhyuk are now with SJM, but I haven’t seen this yet as apparently the hint was on twitter recently, so I haven’t seen a translation (I only know a little Korean thus far).

So what do you think? Does this mean Sungmin and Eunhyuk are in SJM, or just helping on the album?

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