Announcement- TVXQ/DBSK Reviews

I’m tagging this in the “Reviews By Artist” section so that anyone looking can find it easily later.

I’ve been trying to decide how to handle the return of TVXQ, at least as far as organization goes. I’ve decided to just post it here the same way I saved it in my MV collection.

Will be reviews of MV’s that include all or most of the 5 original members of DBSK/TVXQ. This means YUNHO, JAEJOONG, MICKEY, JUNSU AND CHANGMIN all appear in the MV.

Will be reviews of MV’s which ONLY INCLUDE YUNHO AND CHANGMIN (and anyone featured in the MV with them).

Why split the two?

Technically DBSK/TVXQ are the same group as before, just with 3 less members. Their entire style and process is different now though, and while it is the same two from the previous group I’m still going to count it as a new unit. I recognize they are just continuing with the two members, but for organizational sakes I split them into two categories. I hope that doesn’t bother anyone, but if you’re a hardcore fan and that distinction between the two groups bothers you… well… I guess that’s too bad…

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