Rant #17- The Josh Grobans

I haven’t done a rant in a while, and this is my favorite singer to complain about, so he gets his own rant! congratulations~

The English Josh Groban

Let me start from the beginning so you can understand why I’m so frustrated with this guy.

I was a HUGE Josh Groban fan. He was my absolute favorite English singer, and I have all of his songs memorized, even the ones in Italian and the one in French. I would do searches to make sure he didn’t release a CD that I didn’t know about and have. I had his concert DVD and live album, everything. Then he went on his hiatus after “Awake”.

It was FOREVER before he released “Hidden Away”, and MONTHS before he released “Illuminations”. He said via YouTube it was because he was busy with a few performances and so he didn’t have time to record his album. I started to kind of get frustrated with his overly long “Awake” promotions. All he did was go on talk shows for months and say the same things over and over again. And after he released “Hidden Away” but before “Illuminations” he kept delaying the release because he was busy, but all he was doing was releasing a string of REALLY STUPID YouTube videos (one about his favorite videos to watch on YT, and the other a self-made cooking show).

Seriously? You’re too busy to release the album for 3 YEARS because of concerts??? Oh, and it isn’t even realistic to go to the concerts because the ticket price is out the window!

The Korean and Chinese Josh Grobans

I always referred to Kyuhyun and Zhou Mi of Super Junior as the Korean and Chinese Josh Groban respectively. They both have very similar voices (ESPECIALLY Kyuhyun, it’s uncanny~). Anyone who knows Super Junior probably knows how they are ALWAYS working. They release albums WHILE doing world tours WHILE appearing on variety shows WHILE acting in dramas WHILE preparing for the next album! It’s kind of amazing no one has died of exhaustion yet! And Kyuhyun, for a while, was singing only 5 MONTHS after breaking his ribs in a car accident!

I had the AMAZING opportunity to go to SM Town Live ’10 in Seoul (My plane landed the day of the last Super Show 3 performance there, so I couldn’t go to see just Super Junior like I wanted). This was a 7 HOUR CONCERT (after the technical problems early on), with over 80 songs performed by Super Junior, SHINee, SNSD, BoA, Kangta, TRAX, F(x) and all the others under SM Entertainment as well as special stages where the groups were mixed or sometimes only a duo would perform. I had AMAZING seats too, near the very front row of the seated section, just in the shade (it was a good 95F that day~ and no wind~). Want to know something? For these AMAZING seats to this INCREDIBLE concert I paid $40. And that was no special deal price, that was the normal ticket price. Tickets to a Josh Groban concert were over $150 back when he was popular.


This is why I lost respect for Josh Groban. He didn’t release a CD for YEARS because he was busy with concerts. But Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and Zhou Mi have no problem keeping up with releasing albums. You don’t even have to use those two as an example, use any other singer! They can release albums, prepare for albums, do TV performances, and have concerts all at the same time. And when he finally makes his comeback he delays it and released videos about his favorite YouTube videos and about COOKING?!

I have no more respect for the man.

So that’s why Kyuhyun and Zhou Mi are no longer the “Korean and Chinese Josh Groban”, Josh Groban is now the “English Kyuhyun”. Because I have LOADS more respect for those two, who actually work unimaginably hard.


PS- the “Illuminations” album really isn’t great. I think maybe 3 songs in the whole thing are good-
“Higher Window”
“Love Only Knows”
“Hidden Away”
Don’t waste your money on the whole thing, just listen to the previews on iTunes and get the songs you like…

And his version of “Feels like Home” sounds less like a happy love song and more like something at a funeral~

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