Announcement- Ok, Get Ready!!!

I went through EVERY PAGE (well, every page that had to do with music) and wrote down EVERY broken link and also made a list of ALL THE MV’S so I can go find pictures for you. I also made notes about what to update in the “Artist Profile” section and wrote down all of the MVs that have been marked as “Favorite”, so I will hunt down the Full Lyrics for those. I’ll also look up the full lyrics to “Keep Your Head Down” by TVXQ, since so many of you have been looking at the review lately.

I’ll hunt down all the pictures before I start posting them to the MVs, and that will take some time, but in the next couple of weeks expect MASSIVE upgrades to the site!

After I finish upgrading I’ll take a couple days off (maybe) and then I’ll post more MV reviews and for the rest of the time I’m in the US I’ll focus on TV and Movie reviews!

If there is anything you’d like to see more of here please let me know, I take requests ^^

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