2AM- This Song

This isn’t a real MV, but it was released as one, so I’ll review it. I’ll explain in “Other Things” why it isn’t really an MV.

Lyrics: 7/5
I absolutely LOVE the translation for this one~ It’s about a boy who wants to give everything to the girl he loves. He wants to give her expensive gifts and buy her pretty clothes, but he has nothing to offer her. He begs her to stay with him and talks about how much he loves her and how he would do anything for her sake. He says that no matter how much she says it is alright to have just him, and even if she says she is happy every day and wants nothing more, he still wishes he could give her more and thinks she deserves better than him. I like it because the guy is saying he has nothing for the girl except a song, and puts himself down constantly, but he still begs her to stay with him. It’s sad and happy at the same time.
The only thing I can give you is this song/ all I have is this voice/ even if this amuses you/ I’ll still sing/ I hope you’ll accept it

Dance: NA
2AM = No dancing

Story: NA
Not even sets in this one!

Other Things

OK, this is why it isn’t a real MV: It has very little content filmed specifically for an MV. This song shows footage from the members trainee days, the hardships they endured and just everything they went through. It also shows them immediately after their debut. There is particularly a lot of shots of JoKwon, who trained for 7 years, far longer than anyone else. It chronicles their work up to and immediately after debut. There is also a congratulatory and encouraging message from another singer who entered JYP around the same time as JoKwon but debuted first (I’m not sure what her name is).

I like this informal MV style. Every group needs one. It kind of feels like it changes the meaning of the song from one of love to a message for their fans. Saying that they want to give their fans everything but all they can give them right now is a song.

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