Change- HyunA (4 Minute) feat. JunHyung (B2ST)

This is HyunA’s solo song featuring a bit of vocal support from JunHyung of B2ST/BEAST.

Lyrics: 1/5
The lyrics aren’t clear, but (like with 4 Minute songs) the translation makes this a song that sends a bad message. This one particularly sends a horrible one, if the lyrics are saying what the songwriter means them to say. CUBE Entertainment tends to release songs with a lot of English in them (like this one) and that English rarely makes any sense with the Korean, like here. What the song appears to be saying is that no one takes the girl seriously so she decides to change. She says she will change everything, her wishes and her dreams, everything. But it isn’t saying think for yourself, it’s saying “follow me and change”. It just doesn’t feel like a very deep song or one with any particular meaning.

Dance: 4/5
Too much of the same thing for my taste, but it’s a very powerful dance. The entire chorus is hip thrusts, and most of the song follows that. It’s a lot of the same move repeated seemingly endlessly.

Story: NA
The set is an old street, a dance floor, and some random rooms. There isn’t much special about it, it looks identical to the sets from Co-Ed’s “Too Late” and U-Kiss’ “Am I That Easy”. It works well with the song, it’s just nothing new.

Other Things
I think I have socks with more fabric than some of the outfits in this MV. This MV is pure sex appeal, think any 4 Minute MV on steroids. All the outfits are teeny or reveal a lot of stomach, and the dance is provocative to say the least. With the newer restrictions Korean channels are putting on their music programs I’d be surprised if she could even perform this song anymore. In lives she wore WAY more clothes than in any shot of this MV though, so there only the dance is a problem.

I was pretty harsh against this MV, but let me just say that I actually watch this MV a lot. The song is catchy and I think the dance is unique and fits well with it. I just don’t think there is much depth to the lyrics. I don’t think I would like the MV as much if I could completely understand the Korean. It has a nice rhythm and beat, like all 4 Minute songs, and it is performed very well, but the lack of depth and disjointed English phrases make it confusing.

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