Green Hornet

I just went to see this movie last night, so this isn’t my very first impression, but what I think of the movie after a day to think about it.

Plot: 2/5
The story of the Green Hornet is a pretty strong rip-off of Batman. Britt Reid is the son of publishing giant James Reid, and he’s a professional playboy. Suddenly his father dies (of a bee sting) and he is left with the mansion, fortune, and the newspaper his father owned. He befriends Kato, a Chinese mechanic who used to work on his fathers cars. The two bond over their hatred of his father and decide to go vandalize his father’s grave, which has a huge statue over it. They cut off the statues head and, while leaving, Britt sees a couple being attacked by gangsters. He and (mostly) Kato stop the attack and flee, excited over their deeds. Britt decides to become a crime fighter. He has an idea that heroes die when bad guys start using innocents as hostages. In order to protect himself and Kato, he poses instead as a criminal trying to take control of LA from the mob boss Chudnofsky. The movie follows his attacks on Chudofsky’s empire.

Acting: 4/5

There are a lot of big names in this movie- Jay Chou (Kato) is a massive popular Taiwanese pop star, and Cameron Diaz lends her talents as well. Jay Chou does a pretty good job, and Seth Rogen (Britt) was surprisingly good. It’s kind of weird, but Diaz is the actor I’m least impressed with. She always plays the same characters, and her act is getting pretty tired. She either needs to shake it up by picking different roles or her career is going to go down the tank. Christoph Waltz (Chudnofsky) does a pretty good job, but his accent comes and goes.

Directing: 1/5
This is what I didn’t like. Most of the movie has a very “Ooh! You know what would be cool???” kind of feel. Not as ADHD as Quintin Tarantino, but if he keeps going like this he will be just as bad. Honestly comic book movies are pretty tired, but this one could have been better if the director was more serious.

Other Things

I was a bit confused by Jay Chou’s character. He’s supposed to be from China (where the actor is originally from), but his name is Japanese… Kato is not a name I’ve ever come across on a Chinese person…

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