Copy & Paste- BoA

I can’t believe how behind I’ve gotten on the BoA MVs! She’s my favorite solo artist!

Lyrics: 5/5
I’m not 100% sure about this, the song is a little confusing. I think it is about meeting a nice guy who has tried to change her in the past, and changing him instead. The lyrics definitely seem to imply that it is the guy who is changing, not BoA, and that she is the one taking control of the guy. You can decide for yourself though. There are two slightly different chorus lines (I’m starting to notice this in a lot of BoA songs), so I’ll post the translation of both.
B.o.A. D.N.A./ justified self esteem/ it’s all right/ yeah that’s right/ the fantasy I’d dreamed of/ the way to newly become that shiny blue star/ everything that I have/ just to you/ I copy and paste.
B.o.A. D.N.A./ Self esteem because of you/ copy all/ copy me/ a message of love/ you who always looks at me a bit more warmly/ everything that I have/ just to you/ I copy and paste.

Dancing: 6/5
It’s incredible that she can dance this and sing at the same time. It looks to be a very hard dance, similar to her original style (Hurricane Venus is a little different in my opinion). BoA shows off here how far her dance experience has taken her since debut.

Story: NA
There is no story outside the lyrics. You see three BoA’s of their own style and each with their own background. Two styles are used for dance scenes, and one seems to be just a solo shot theme. I personally like the background you see first the most, it looks very cool.

Other Things


The mysterious rig...

There is one little thing that kind of bothers me. In one of the first shots the strong back light lifts up. You can clearly see the rig it is attached to (you don’t see it anywhere else in the MV). What bothers me is that I can’t tell if that was supposed to be caught on camera or not… Typically in film if you see it then it was intended, but there have been a lot of little mistakes cropping up in MVs lately, so I’m not so confident. If you’re supposed to see it, then it should have been kept in the back a bit, not lost, but if you’re not supposed to see it the director should have done a better job of pulling it out.


In Hurricane Venus BoA had a much older look. I would have guessed she was around 29 or 30 with the shorter hair and ball cap. The three styles in this MV also make her look 3 ages. I’ll differentiate them by hairstyle, since that is where the focus is for one of them. The hair style with the epic bangs (you’ll see…) makes her look Hurricane Venus age. The second

Epic bangs

style with the bun looks around 26, and the last style where she goes back to her former long hair which became kind of trademark for her. In that last one she looks her age (24). I didn’t think hairstyles could change how old someone looks, at least not to this degree, but it really does.


The English at the beginning is what I was basing my lyric analysis off of. It is a call to men who think they can make women what they want and it says that the girl this time will be copying what she wants from them and “paste it/ to make a man of my design”. I think that is where you’re going to get your explanation for the song from. Honestly, without it I wouldn’t have any idea what was going on. Maybe it is the translation, but I haven’t found one yet that is clear.

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