Super Junior M Rumor (Update)

See? I didn’t forget I promised to let you guys know anything I’ve found out!

For those of you who have started reading here since I last posted: I kept getting questions on reviews and artist profiles for Super Junior about what would happen to Super Junior- M now that Hangeng is gone.

Super Junior M has CONFIRMED they are releasing an album “Very very soon”. When recording the album it accidentally got out that Sungmin (from Super Junior) was recording for the album as well. However, no one knows if he is a member or if he is just featured in a song.

Today a PD (production director) in China said SJM will be appearing on his show sometime in the future (they just got confirmation the group would be there) and that 8 members were coming. So it appears the rumors that SJ members will be added to SJM are true. Putting that with the bit about Sungmin accidentally being mentioned and it looks like he might be one of the 2 new SJM members. The last could be a trainee (SM has pleanty of Chinese trainees) or it could be a member of SJ.

SJM will make their comeback any day now, so fans should try to be patient. Keep an eye on SM Entertainment’s YouTube page or their website ( for updates.

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