Rant #18- SuperGirl

For those of you who can’t tell, I go where the MV’s can be found. Usually that’s YouTube, but I’ve also ventured though other sites to see what kinds of things the fans of these different groups like. I have a facebook page (and I admin 2 fan pages there), a twitter, this wordpress as well as another (mymaggiemoo@wordpress) and I’ve recently added a tumblr page to this mix (pretendthisiswitty@tumblr).

Namely on tumblr I’ve noticed the fans recent explosion over Super Junior M’s performance of “SuperGirl” on a program they recorded over a couple of days. The fans are angry that SJM performed the song, since it was during this song’s promotions that Hangeng, the former leader of SJM, filed suit against SM Entertainment and left the group suddenly.

I just wanted to voice my opinion, since I haven’t written a rant in a while and the fan’s anger over this really surprised me.

They seem to agree that performing the song with the new SJM was a kind of disrespect towards Hangeng, a kind of “we can do this without you”. I’m going to do the whole eyebrow raise and give you that look that let’s you know I think you’re being a little over zealous.

It’s not like this is the first time SuperGirl has been performed since Hangeng left. Super Junior performed it at the 2010 Gayo Daejun with 10 members, and I myself got to see it live when I went to SM Town Live in Seoul last August. They also performed it at Super Show 3, and are still performing it as Super Junior featuring Henry and ZhouMi. So what if Super Junior M performs the song? It’s their song, they are entitled to perform it. It’s not like Hangeng wrote the song.

And as far as the performance somehow being disrespectful to Hangeng, who cares? Should SJ also stop performing all the songs before “Bonamana”? Should SJM stop anything before “Too Perfect”? Hangeng left the group of his own free will, he wasn’t cast out. Why should they blacklist a song just because he was in it? SuperGirl was one of SJM’s biggest hits, if not their biggest yet. The promotions were cut short before fans got the full impact of the song, so what’s wrong if they perform it now? Hangeng has been caught lying to the fans and media about his relationship with Super Junior (he claimed they were all friends again and that Heechul even visited him while he was in Korea, but the members have repeatedly said he never contacted them) and yet they are coming under fire for performing a song.

Nothing against Hangeng, I have no opinion on the lawsuit, he did what he thought was necessary, who is to say any differently, but he’s moved on with his life and career, without forgetting where he started. Why can’t SJM? I just don’t understand why the fans are acting like it’s some huge slap in the face for them to perform their own song that they’ve been performing with SJ for months.

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