Tsubasa- The Reservoir Chronicles (Season 1)

This is an anime (for those of you who don’t know “anime” just means a type of cartoon from Japan aimed at a teen-range audience), so it’s kind of hard to review with the normal formatting…

Plot: 2/5
Just as young archaeologist Syaoran is on the brink of telling his childhood friend Princess Sakura that he loves her, a magical occurrence causes Sakura’s memories to scatter. Now, Syaoran must travel from the Kingdom of Clow and across worlds seeking the shattered pieces of Sakura’s soul.

Eh~ that’s an OK description of the show, I guess. Here is another, a little more thorough: Princess Sakura (sah-koo-rah) of the Kingdom of Clow is in love with the mysterious Syaoran (show-rhon) who was adopted by a traveling archaeologist when he was just a child with no memories of his previous life and a missing eye. Syaoran’s adopted father taught him to be kind and asked the Princess to be his friend. The two grew up close to each other and became inseparable, much to the dismay of Sakura’s brother, who eventually became a beloved young King. Syaoran is working in his father’s image to unearth some ancient ruins outside of the capitol of Clow when he is ready to confess his love for Sakura, and her for him. However, one night strange warriors appear in Clow and Sakura is drawn mysteriously into the ruins.

Syaoran follows her in, worried she will be hurt, and sees her being lifted into an engraving on the wall, pulled by translucent pink wings. He knocks her away before she is pulled in and the wings shatter. The princess does not regain consciousness and the head magician sends Syaoran and Sakura to Yuko, the time and space witch in another dimension.

Meanwhile, Kurgi (it’s not his name, I just forgot it and this is the nickname they call him to piss him off) is a violent warrior obsessed with becoming stronger. To protect her kingdom from him and in hopes of helping him, the princess he fights for imprisons him and sends him to Yuko. Fye, a powerful sorcerer, seals away his former master in a magical prison, knowing it isn’t strong enough and that he must flee his dimension in hopes of surviving. Fye, Kurgi, Sakura and Syaoran all arrive at Yuko’s door at the same time.

The witch offers to help send them to different dimensions, the idea being that in each one Syaoran must recover one of Sakura’s memories, which took the form of the feathers from the wings. Fye and Kurgi join on to protect him, Kurgi hoping it will lead him back to his own world. Without the memories Sakura will eventually die. Each person must give up something precious in payment, and Syaoran is forced to trade Sakura’s love, meaning any memory she has of him is altered so that she cannot remember who she was talking to or anything about him, and he can’t tell her. If she starts to remember their love that memory is taken from her mind.

As the group continues on their journey you learn more about what drove each of them down their respected paths, and also more about the strange duo who is watching Sakura and Syaoran through time and space, the ones behind the attack on Clow who are obsessed with seeing Sakura’s secret powers emerge.

Execution: 5/5
It really isn’t too dull of a series. The reason I gave it low plot ratings was because basically you get a 4-5 episode mini story that ends with them finding a feather. It isn’t a very fast-paced series, and it’s kind of repetitive sometimes, but it’s not terrible. It’s more of a time-kill show.

Acting: 4/5
I’m rating voice acting here. Most of the characters are OK, but especially with the characters in the mini stories there isn’t much variation. After a while all the guys sound the exact same and same with most of the girls. It’s kind of 2D in the voice department.

Other Things
I’d recommend this to anyone 13-17, because I think that was the original target audience. The stories are simple, but not totally void of interest, and I think that age range will appreciate it more.

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