Before You Go- TVXQ

… what?

Lyrics: 4/5
The song is pretty simple. It’s about loosing someone you love and wanting to get one last word in before they leave. They worry about pressuring the girl too much and say they will leave if she asks them and that they will back down. They say that before she goes they just wanted to apologize for not protecting her right and letting a “stupid obsession” get in their way, but they don’t really expand on that. It sounds like the guy’s been drifting away, or realizes he’s been acting like his feelings have changed. He’s not asking her to stay, if anything it sounds like he’s breaking up with her. But he knows it was his fault and has no illusions about  that. “Keep Your Head Down” was an attack on an unfaithful woman, but this is more like a personal attack on the man.
Know this before you go/ I was a man that loved only you/ it’s so foolish, I couldn’t protect you/ I was a stupid idiot/ if I keep you by my side forever/ you might have a hard time and faint/ you did a very good job/ a person that will make you free will come to your side/ come to your side

Dance: NA
There is no dance in this one~

Story: …WTF?/5
OK, I’ve seen this like 5 times now and I’m still confused. This is set up as a movie-style story MV (think “Timeless”). But… I’m not even sure where to begin. I actually read another site’s review to try and figure out what it was about, and they had no better idea than I did. The story is about 4 friends, a guy, a girl, Changmin and Yunho. They all work for the NDI (like Korean FBI?). They work to take out gangsters, but one of their members is being controlled by the gangsters. They try to show him at a hospital and there are some clips of his wife talking after which he freaks out and does what the gangs tell him.

That’s the no-sense part, they never explain if the gangsters have his wife, or gave him money for surgery or something. It screws the whole story up. Anyways, he has a book from one of the gangsters and gets coded messages from them. The first you see is “Kill Witness”. So he kills the witness they caught in the raid at the beginning, also shooting Yunho in the leg. Changmin saw him and confronts him on the roof, but can’t kill him and just leaves him there. It never explains why or what the hell is going on…

Yunho looks through security footage and realizes the guy was the one who shot him, so he somehow breaks into the guys car or finds a book of his own (which is suddenly all burnt) that reveals his latest message was “Kill Changmin”, so he goes to save him. The guy doesn’t kill Changmin, but he has the gun to his head and would kill him if he could. Yunho doesn’t kill him either, just gets Changmin out and leaves him.

…so… yeah… um… what??? watch the MV, you’ll be just as confused. I think when he doesn’t kill Changmin the gangsters kill his wife, but it doesn’t make sense.

Other Things

Ah Changmin, we really need to work on your expressions and lip-sync…. at least we can all tell when you sing live.

I think this MV was interesting in that they were surely going for the big-budget look, but, as with a lot of SM Entertainment story MVs, it feels incomplete. You don’t get what is going on with his wife or what happens at the end, you never see how Yunho gets the coded book or really anything about what’s going on..

They featured two actors in this (Go Ara and the other guy whose name escapes me). I think Go Ara was just for name’s sake- she doesn’t play a significant role in the MV and it kind of feels like she was shoved into the background of the story.

All in all I didn’t like this MV. The story is incomplete and the song DOES NOT fit with it in any sense.

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