Rant #20- The Matrix Shot (Mini-Rant)

Anyone else notice that lately SM Entertainment has been pushing the Matrix cam? You can see it in:

TVXQ: Keep Your Head Down, Before You Let Go
Super Junior: No Other (Yesung’s scene)
BoA: Hurricane Venus
TRAX: Oh My Gooddess

I kind of doubt that all those MVs were the same director, they each have a distinct sense and feel that I can’t see just one person creating- directors tend to have a tell. A few of these probably have the same person working behind them, but certainly not all, this call has to be coming from SM directly.

Sometimes the Matrix cam has it’s uses, in “Oh My Goddess” and “No Other” it fits in smoothly. “Hurricane Venus” and “Keep Your Head Down” draw a little more attention to the shot, while “Before You Leave” is the one that really drew my attention to the degree that I went looking through MVs to find it in more and more places.

My point here is this: everything in moderation. Just because there is this great new style of shooting, it doesn’t mean you should over do it. Otherwise it will become as corny as “The Matrix” itself did.

The Offenders:

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