Heart to Heart- 4 Minute

OK, I’m loving 4 Minute for this song! I’ll rant about this in pretty much every rating category ^^

Lyrics: 6/5
Let me start with this: FINALLY A 4 MINUTE SONG THAT ISN’T EXACTLY LIKE EVERY OTHER ONE!!!!! The song itself is very simple, but you don’t hear songs like this often, so they got a bonus point. The lyrics are a message to a boyfriend who is drifting away, making the girl feel lonely and sad. Instead of crying over the impending breakup the girlfriend is demanding the boyfriend sit down and actually talk to her. She says she will back down a bit and not expect as much as before, but demands that he at least give it a chance.
Let’s have a heart to heart to heart (talk)/ tell me more like a man (more)/ not stuffily/ not pretending/ still you and I stay together/ let’s have a heart to heart to heart (talk)/ look at my eyes directly and tell me (more)/ don’t twist your words/ don’t make me mad/ now heart to heart/ you and I heart to heart to heart

Dance: 3/5
I’m just rating this kind of low because you don’t see it. Most of the MV is solo shots or story shots, you get a few glimpses of the dance, but I guess you’ll have to rely on live performances to get the full impact.

Story: 4/5
There are a few issues with the story, but I’ll mention those later. What you see first is a girlfriend and boyfriend on the couch together. He offers to massage her shoulders and they are pretty much cute and lovey-dovey. Next you see them a little later, the girlfriend is still very much into the relationship, but the boy is distant at best. So the girl and her friends (HyunA and the other 4 Minute members) do what is natural: they proceed to make the guy’s life hell until he agrees to sit down and talk with his girlfriend.

It’s a bit unclear though whose house it is. In the beginning when he’s being a stuffy boyfriend he says he is leaving, but all the pranks against him are played within the house, so it’s either his place or hers, or maybe they share it, but it doesn’t really feel like it, since she is lurking around with her friends (if he was really so distant I don’t think they’d live together…).

Most of the group shots are in the dance club from the beginning where she sees her boyfriend chatting up another girl, walks up to him, and he blatantly ignores her.

Other Things:

I love that this song actually has some kind of meaning other than “I rock, worship me”, like all other 4 Minute songs. I think this will help them get that solid fan base they need to make it more than just a few years. I kind of don’t like just how much English is in the song, just because I think it’s a shame so much of songs these days are English lyrics. Yeah it’s nice to understand them, but I agree with the articles I’ve been reading about how Korea is disappearing from Korean music, not only with English group names, but with the lyrics themselves.

Oh well though

The hair… let me just say HOLY BEEHIVE. OK, done, watch it for yourself.

I was REALLY surprised to see C.N.Blue’s Avatar (JeongShin) as the male actor for this MV- usually when another singer appears in an MV is it for a group of the same company, and CN Blue and 4 Minute are in now way controlled by the same company (FNC Entertainment vs Cube Entertainment, respectively). He does a good job though ^^

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