Nothing’s Over- Infinite

This is the first time I’ve made it all the way through an Infinite song. Nothing against them, I just think they’re a little too young~ plus they came out in that boy-band crush and seem to always make their comeback at the same time as ZE:A and Teen Top, so I kind of ignore all three of those groups. I’m liking this song though, maybe I’ll give them another look.

Song: 4/5
Another breakup song begging the woman they love to come back to them. It kind of describes mixed emotions though. Most of the time they’re telling the girl it isn’t over and how much they love her, and the rest of the time they seem ready to give up. There isn’t much to say about the song, there are dozens like it out there, but this has a lighter feeling to it, so I like it.
Nothing’s over/ Nothing’s Over/ Nothing’s over/ Nothing’s over/ you’re reciting a spell to me/ you can’t see another guy/ you can’t be like this already/ it’s not the end yet/ it’s not the end/ I didn’t send you away

Dance: 4/5
The shimmy doesn’t seem to fit very well with the song lyrics, but I like how they pull it off. It’s very uniform, and you can tell they put an incredible amount of training time in. Of the new boy bands their dance seems the most together. No offense to the other groups, these guys just pull the choreography off very well.

Story: 3/5
The decreasing points is due to how the song seems to match less and less with the different categories. It was a little too down for the choreography and here the opposite happened: the MV is too down for the song… and it seems a little… let’s explain from the start.

You see one of the members playing music when he’s hit in the head with something (I’m guessing couple ring, you don’t see it much) then you proceed to see the same member kind of dying over a girl he’s lost. The other members try to cheer him up and are singing to him throughout the MV. He eventually leaves and gets in a car to drive off, fending off his members as he goes. The only issue is as the MV progresses it kind of feels like the members are singing to him about how in love they are with him. I’m sure the group members are all very close, but it kind of gets a little odd.

By the end of the MV though the group seems to have given up all semblance of focus and are just goofing around, complete with times when they are most DEFINATELY singing about their love for the guy. The last shot even has a member saying “UGH! Are we done???” and then just attacking each other and running around like children who had their first pixie stick (trust me, as part of my study abroad here in Korea I teach English to 6th graders, and when you give them American candy you see a sugar rush of unparalleled levels).

Other Things

I’m kind of in love with the scenes where the members are standing against mattresses and fall into a wall of toilet paper rolls. It serves no real purpose (maybe a metaphor for crying at the breakup so much), but I like to watch them fall on the head of the last member, then the other two break through the wall to join the group.

Like I said in the intro, I’m not familiar with Infinite at all, so I don’t know member names. They seem good enough to last for a while, if they can escape the boyband crunch of Teen Top and ZE:A (you still have to convince me those are two different groups half the time). I’ll give them another listen some time for sure.

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