Review Update: Before U Go- TVXQ

This update fills in the story part of the review. The original Before U Go MV was INCREDIBLY confusing, and when the movie version was released a lot was cleared up.

Story: 5/5
NOW it makes sense. The four main characters are all friends from police school, but the guy (whose name I don’t know) has a little sister who is very sick and in the hospital. He agrees to work for gangsters in exchange for his sister’s medical bills. The threat being that if he doesn’t kill his target by the appointed time then his sister will die.

He is given a book and when he is to kill the gangsters text him a series of numbers that signify a page, paragraph, line, and word, forming a message.

The friends raid the gangsters hideout, killing all there but one, who turns witness for them. The man is given the orders to kill the witness, which he does, despite wounding his friend Yunho in the process. Max finds the security footage proving it is his friend who is guilty. He finds the friend to a rooftop and is going to kill him for his betrayal when he realizes he can’t do it. He fires his gun into the air and tells the man to get lost. After taking his badge and shooting it.

Yunho checks the security footage and knows it was the guy as well, but he deletes the evidence, choosing to keep the betrayal a secret from their third friend, the girl he is in love with.

A year passes and everything moves on. The friend breaks into their computers and copies some files. He is sitting in his car talking to his sister but gets a message from the gangsters. The message translates to “Kill Changmin” (Max). He has a day to do it. He follows him to Yunho’s birthday party, planning on killing him there, but instead he joins them and tries to sit with his friends. No one says anything, though Changmin is visibly pissed.

The night wears on and he goes to leave, but his car isn’t working. Yunho lends him one of his, and the guy goes, leaving behind his book the gangsters used to send him codes.

The friends hit the gangsters again, and the man is warned not to let Changmin escape. He goes with them (I guess he is still a part of the force??? it doesn’t really make sense) and turns his gun on Changmin. Meanwhile, Yunho finds the code book and goes after him. They imply that he didn’t realize the guy was the one who shot him, but that again doesn’t really fit.

Basically they do what you saw in the original MV- rescue Changmin and stop the guy, but his sister dies. Yunho offers his hand to the man but he doesn’t take it and they leave him sitting on the floor crying.

Other Things

Again there are some confusing points to his MV, but for the most part the confusion is cleared up. A version with English subs may be better for you, since I can understand most of the Korean they use (I’ve been studying in Korea for almost 6 months now though). It feels like they didn’t quite decide if Yunho would know or not the guy betrayed him, but just ignore it.

This is one of the best movie-style MVs SM has done for a while (since Zhang Li Yin’s “Happiness Left Shore” really). They kind of got stale on that aspect for a while, so it’s good to see a decent movie MV.

The music is less of a focus here, you get a little of 2-3 songs (both the vocal and karaoke version of “Keep Your Head Down” as well as “Before U Go”).

Max’s expressions aren’t much better, but Yunho’s acting has definitely improved, and Max is slowly getting easier to watch.

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