Old Announcements Revisited

The last time I mentioned this was back when I was getting only 15 views a day, and now there are around 30x more of you! So I just thought I’d repeat some old stuff. It’s a long post, sorry! But I think you’ll find it useful.

1. Commenting
If you don’t have a wordpress account yourself, then they want you to leave your name and e-mail address in order to post comments. Don’t be discouraged by this. They don’t actually check to make sure the info is correct. You can invent a totally fake name and e-mail address and post your comment anyways, it appears here all the same. So use your imagination ^^

2. Commenting- Rule
If you agree with a post then you can just say “I liked this part” or “I agree”, but if you want to argue with me then that is COMPLETELY FINE! Especially on Rants I like to hear your opinions as well, so give me some feedback. But the rule here is that if you disagree you can’t just say “that’s stupid”, TELL ME what you think. Either say which part you disagree with, or tell me your own opinion. You can even just agree with me and tell me your stance, I like reading your replies!

3. Editing
If you see a mistake in one of my posts, a fact isn’t right or whatever, then let me know. I’ll look it up and either add to the review itself or post an update for it. And if you want to just point out typos, then go right ahead. I ignore the spell-checker on wordpress because it doesn’t recognize Korean words or names (hell, it doesn’t even recognize “wordpress”), so  if you see something wrong draw attention to it and I will fix it.

3. Artist Profiles
When I go to write a Profile I visit one of the official fan websites or forums for that group in order to get a feel for what the fans say about them. I *do* get busy though, and so it’s been a while since I’ve had the time to do the kind of in-depth research I did for the other Profiles. Any artist here who has had more than 3 MVs reviewed is allowed to have a profile. Please send me a message with any group you’d like me to post a profile on and where I can look to learn more about them. Wikipedia is a legit source ONLY when it comes to CDs, if you have a better place to look or think the articles there are OK, then let me know that too!

4. Want to download?
I only review an MV if it has English subtitles or if it is in English to begin with. A lot of the time though when I go back to get the English subbed version for you all it no longer exists (copyright claims and whatnot). The reason I have the subbed version and yet can’t find it to give to you is because I have a policy: before I even watch an MV I download it. I’m a film major specializing in music videos and variety shows, so I have a quite extensive collection of at least 700+ music videos.

If you’re interested in growing your own collection, or if there is an MV you’ve seen dozens of times and just really would like to download so you don’t have to hunt it down on youtube all the damn time, then go to this site and download their YouTube Downloader.


DON’T WORRY- the download won’t put a virus on your computer. I know you probably won’t take my word for it (I wouldn’t take my word for it if I were just browsing and saw this link on a site), but in my experience it has never proved harmful to my computer. It updates whenever they make a new patch for it, if youtube changes their coding in an effort to break such downloaders they have a solution within 5 days, and you can use the downloader to convert the video into most kinds of media and even to a format that lets you put it on an iPod or PSP.

If you choose to download this program then you can see for yourself what all it does. Again, I’ve been using it for AT LEAST 2 years, and have never had a problem with it. I love this program completely!

A note about how it works though: if the video is soft-subbed (meaning the subtitles are in the form of captions that you can turn on and off) then those subtitles will not appear when you download the video. the reason is that they are not real subtitles on the VIDEO itself, but they are a separate YouTube thing. You need hard-subs if you want to download them- that is text that has already been added to the video itself. If you’re confused, most links I post here with subs are hard-subbed. I try to mention it if they are only soft-subbed.

I hope some questions were answered there! Feel free to ask any more that spring to mind ^^

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