Announcement: Story time!

For those of you who don’t know: I’m a student studying abroad in South Korea right now. It’s my second semester here (amazing country by the way!! absolutely perfect!). Well, yesterday I had my Intermediate Korean class (where my teacher speaks NO english save single words he looks up before class). So yesterday he gives us a slide with the midterm info on it translated to English (well, he gives me the slide, the other girl in class speaks near perfect Korean, I’m not sure why she’s there). He then opened the book to three very specific pages, pointed at me, and said “You, midterm” then pointed at the book.

So I’m just studying the whole damn thing for midterms, because I have no clue what he was getting at.

I’m telling you this because it means I’m not posting for a few days at least, maybe longer if my professors drop midterms on us next week (I’m expecting two take-home ones). For those of you doing midterms now- GOOD LUCK. For those of you who don’t do midterms or who are already done- -_-

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