0330- U-Kiss

I deleted the old review for this because I wanted to amend it.

Lyrics: 5/5
The song is about losing the girl you love and the pain of her leaving. It’s pretty good, the lyrics are simple and repetitive, so there isn’t anything major going on. For the most part I like the raps too (except for “Don’t deny our r-squared pi” … the area of our circle? … ooh… romantic…).
“I still can’t erase you/ I keep thinking of you/ I miss you so much/ I can’t sleep at night/ The raindrops on my heart’s window/ The place you left/ Because I miss you so much/ I can’t sleep at night”

Dance: 5/5
You don’t see most of the dance in the MV, but I like the bits that are there. It seems tight and well done. Also it looks more complete than U-Kiss’ usual work. All in all I think it looks promising.

Story: 4/5
I knocked off a point because it does take several viewings to understand. I think it is a good story, but it wasn’t necessarily pulled off well enough.

You see Dongho sitting to play the piano alone. He’s dreaming of this and smiling. Eli, meanwhile, is just watching him, depressed. From the clues I think Eli either lost his girlfriend or he is worrying over Dongho. The other members go out of their way to keep an eye on both Dongho and Eli. Dongho is running in the rain and meets a girl. He brings her back to their dorm to dry off and wait for the rain to stop. They sit and play piano together.

The other members become increasingly frustrated until Kevin starts to break and Eli snaps. While Dongho is talking on the phone to the girl he grabs the phone out of his hands and slams it. You then see all the scenes with the girl- but now it is only Dongho. He’s been alone the whole time. He can’t handle it and starts to cry, but the others comfort him.

I don’t think it’s a matter of Dongho being crazy. You see a lot of shots of him breaking down, so I think it might be that Dongho lost his girlfriend- I get the impression that she’s dead, because she is always wearing white in the forest, but a breakup would fit too. Either works, and the way I see it, Dongho was so heartbroken the only way he could cope with losing the girl was to imagine another.

So I think the MV isn’t about his psychotic delusions, but about him trying so hard to cope with losing the original girl he loved. The friends follow him to keep an eye on him and help him with his loss. But that’s my guess. I think the director should have made the story clearer… Feel free to post your own interpretations!

Other Things

Like I said in the original review I’m going to post a response to Alexander and Kibum’s expulsion from the group. It will be in the “Rant” section.

Why is it that Eli always gets the English rap, and that his English is always SO awkward??? He speaks English, he should help the songwriter~ or if he writes the raps, as is the case often in K-Pop, he should find a tutor (DON’T DENY OUR R-SQUARED PI).

Kevin has a limited role in this song, which I like. I have nothing against Kevin, I just like that the other members can be heard more. And I like Dongho as a rapper, it sounds good. Kiseop does a great job singing, I’d like to hear more of him.

  1. #1 by jollyroger221b on November 11, 2012 - 6:07 pm

    do a review on their newer singles!

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