Mirror Mirror- 4 Minute

… *sigh* I give up…

Lyrics: 1/5
Every. Freakin’. Song. With 4 Minute you get very shallow songs and they all sound pretty much alike, hence points off. The lyrics are a mixture of asking a boy why he never looks at the girl and why he teases her, and the other part are talking directly to the mirror. They talk about wanting to be the most beautiful so the boy will notice them.
Mirror, Mirror, who is the most beautiful in this world?/ Mirror, mirror, am I the most beautiful in this world? / Tell me that I appealed to you from the beginning/ When I think of you/ my reflection appears brighter in the mirror/ I’m so beautiful/ but why do you keep thinking of different things/ Why are you not looking at me/ My mirror (mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror)/ Mirror (mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror)/ My mirror (mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror)/ Mirror (mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror)

Dance: 4/5
As shallow as 4 Minute songs are, they can at least dance well. The dance is very together and seems to follow the lyrics pretty strongly. Most of the dance is just to show off the body of the members, which is pretty much what the song is too so it fits.  4 Minute has developed this weird tendency to stroke their legs while they sing, or touch their chests. All in all their dances tend to be more risque than other Korean groups, and they tend to come under fire for it.

Story: NA
Most of the sets are the members in mirror boxes or silver rooms. There are some shots that almost look like they’re supposed to be some kind of street, but the mirrors are still present. All in all the set is largely abstract.

Other Things

Seriously… I’m pretty disappointed in this group. The girls can sing and they are very talented, that isn’t my complaint. It’s their songs- all very shallow. This group seems to exist on pure sex appeal and not much else (if anything). I’d like to see more stuff like “Heart to Heart”. It doesn’t even have to be as sweet and cute as that song, they could do rock easily, just something with a little depth and not all about how the members are so beautiful and better than everyone else but they can’t get dates.

4 Minute was stunned when they had to change their “Spread-Legs Dance” (You’ll see in the MV) because music companies deemed it too sexy… seriously? The Korean music market is known for being very conservative when it comes to girl groups, I think they were just sad they had to PG the song even a little bit, since sex appeal is what sets them apart from the other girl groups.

I’ve complained about this quite often (whenever I review a video for a CUBE Entertainment group I believe): the English. Here the English makes sense, so it’s more the pronunciation. You can hear it right in the beginning “4 Minutes Left” (one of the first things even said). Hyun-A has amazing pronunciation usually, but not so much here… This might just be me, but it sounds more like “4 Minute Slut”, which I’m pretty sure is NOT what she was going for. The difference is only in the emphasis of letters, so hopefully she fixes that for live performances. I’ve looked around the fan sites and YouTube comments and I’m not the only one who hears it.

I don’t like this song as much as others. I always complain about the content and how they all sound alike, but overall I tend to like the songs (HUH and I My Me Mine are favorites), but I’m not as big a fan of this song, it’s not their best…

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