Shampoo- After School

This MV is really nothing more than the lead in to their new main song, but the MVs are connected, so I’ll review this one first.

Lyrics: 2/5
This is a love song. It’s a message to the boy you love telling them to notice the girl and let her be their only love. The girl talks about how much she loves him and how she wants to be with them, but they aren’t together yet in the lyrics. I took points off because the approach to this love story is kind of weird, the girl tells the guy she wants to be like shampoo to him… here:
If you, star star star, ever make me sad/ I’ll make your eyes sting/ but if you, star star star, make me happy/ I can cover your whole body so even the mirror can’t see you/ I’m going to cover your whole body with white foam/ I’m going to bury myself into you so no one else can take you/ You can’t erase my scent

Dancing: NA
I’m not giving this MV any dance points, even though there is dancing in the MV, because it isn’t part of the song. It’s part of the story. You see the girls learning a tap dance routine, but you don’t actually see the final product until the next MV. And you don’t even see any of the performance, just the practice.

Story: 3/5
The story is totally a lead in for the next MV, but I took points off because it doesn’t seem to have ANYTHING to do with the song. It almost feels like they filmed the story and then chose the song later.

The story shows Raina looking at a large stage like she’s imagining herself on it. She goes back stage and watches the other After School members rehearsing a tap-dance. She auditions on the spot and impresses the director, who starts to see flashes of her as a performer. She falls in love with the director, and him with her. She is admitted into the practice, but can’t seem to get the hang of the steps, so he starts to help her practice. The other members watch her relationship with the director, seeming to almost pity her. They welcome her well enough though.

The director suddenly seems to abandon her as she becomes stronger a performer, and it is the members who pick her up and help her to do well. By the looks the members give her it almost feels like they also might have been in the same place once, in love with the director and he with them, but the relationship is over for everyone and they kind of understand each other better because of it. IDK. It had a very “Black Swan” feel to me, minus of course the whole insanity and stabbing people in the cheeks.

Other Things

I’m not sure they could have made Raina look more like a 14 year old (she’s 22 in real life… tomorrow actually).

I don’t like Raina’s hairstyle when it’s just down (it looks good pulled back). I’m not a fan of the long hair and perfectly straight short bangs, though it’s probably just supposed to represent her turning from a child into a woman, since she looks older as the MV progresses.

The new member, E-Young, is featured only a little more than the others in this MV, they tend to keep her in the back of shots, my guess is so that the fans could get used to her.

With this album After School announced a graduation concept, like what Super Junior debuted with and what Xing eventually adapted. They said the members comprise 4 generations. Gahi is the fourth, Uee, Bekah, Jooyoung and Jung-Ah in the third, Orange Caramel in the second, and E-Young in the first. It sounds like they’re going to start rotating members out with the next album, and bringing in new ones (how the generation style is supposed to work). I think this is going to crush the group and stop them from really achieving any huge level of fame like SNSD, Girls Day, 4 Minute, or any of the other more popular groups. If After School was ever a stable group they stood a chance, but with members changing every single CD, fans won’t keep paying attention for long.

**The second MV “Let’s Step It Up” is just the performance of the tap dance, there aren’t enough lyrics to review and I won’t write a review just for a dance, so “Let’s Step it Up” won’t have an MV review**

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