Mr. Taxi (Japanese)- So Nyeo Shi Dae/ Girls’ Generation

I’ll warn you now: I don’t have a subbed version of this MV for you. For the purposes of my own collection I subbed the video myself, and thus far I haven’t uploaded it on my YouTube channel. I’ll let you know though if and when I do.

Lyrics: 4/5
It’s an extremely simple song. It almost has the feel of a CF for something, an airline probably (despite the name). The song is about needing to escape. It takes place mostly inside a taxi, the girls telling the driver to keep going and drive quickly. They say they want to show off their new styles everywhere, and also they want to shine without ever being caught by others. Parts of it also sound like they are almost flirting with the driver, telling him to look at them as well.

Mr. Taxi Taxi Taxi/ I’m going quickly quickly quickly/ at this speed no one can catch me/ Mr. Taxi Taxi Taxi/ I’m going quickly quickly quickly/ I’m shining but no one can touch me/ truly supersonic/ and hyptertonic/ I want you to steal me away/ take me right now/ Mr. Taxi Taxi Taxi/ I’m going quickly quickly quickly/ but it won’t be that easy.”

Dance: 5/5
This has to be the best dance I’ve seen from SNSD. While I really like the “Gee” and “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” Dances, this one seems more uniform and just in general well-maintained. The members don’t drop out of sync, despite the fast and complicated nature of the dance. Most of the action is in the arms, and most of it is very fast and sharp.

Story: NA
There is no story at all. Most of the dance is in the same stage, the back wall just changes between a massive LED screen and a map of the world. The solo shots are largely in front of a silver curtain display, but other than that the MV focuses solely on the members and the dance.

Other Things:

They finally seem to remember they have a member named Hyoyeon. She’s got several solo shots in this MV, which is definitely nice to see. Jessica and Tiffany share most of the spotlight, but we get a lot more of Taeyeon, Soohyun and Sunny as well. No offense to the other members, but I really think they push Yoona, Yuri and Jessica too much. It seems like SNSD is those three featuring the other six. Hyoyeon especially seems to get dropped out a lot. I’m glad that, while he solo dance is like two seconds long, she’s in the front center of the group dance break. And they didn’t make her hair look weird for once.

The hair stylist needs to work on Tiffany a bit more. The puffy hair looks good, but when her hair is pulled back or piled up it’s just kind of left to hang straight, and it makes her look too pale and thin, like she’s sick. Tiffany’s face is definitely one of those where her hair needs some volume.

I like Taeyeon’s short style hair, even though now I think she looks more like the maknae (youngest) than Soohyun does ^^

All in all I like this MV. The song is not complicated (I got a bit bored with the lyrics while I was subbing it), but the beat is good, the dance fun to watch, and I like the lyrics (not the translation, that’s what bored me). It’s got the same addictive feeling of  “Tell Me Your Wish”, “Sorry, Sorry” , and “Ring Ding Dong” to the point where I wonder if the Korean version wasn’t written by Yoo Young Jin (the composer of like 99% of SM’s most popular songs).

I don’t like the full body black jumpsuits. Half the members must have lost weight between the MV and when they were fitted, because, especially with Tiffany and Hyoyeon, they seem to fit badly, as if they were made for a bigger person. Though I like that SNSD went a little conservative with them (even if their yellow taxi outfits show off more skin than ever).

Oh, and if Tiffany keeps whipping her hair around like she’s been doing since “Hoot” I think she’s going to give herself whiplash. Just sayin’

  1. #1 by Nehha on May 15, 2011 - 6:05 am

    I actually agree with everything you said but i wish they had done more with the MV like given it a story cause i was expecting something but i was alittle disappointed but its a great song maybe they should start using more unique lyrics. I am glad they gave sooyoung and hyo more lines and screen time (they were in the front a lot more and i genie sooyoung didn’t get any lines) and i am proud of how well they are doing on the charts!

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