Run Devil Run (Japanese Version)- So Nyeo Shi Dae/ Girls’ Generation

The MV is extremely similar to the Korean version, the sets are just a bit more 3D and the lyrics are a little softer.

Lyrics: 4/5
The Korean version of “Run Devil Run” is very strong and powerful, meant to show off how angry the girls were… This version… It still has power, but the lyrics are a little softer. It sounds like, based on the lyrics, they’ve known the guy is cheating for a long time, and put up with it, but just now are they getting tired. I guess the best analogy I can make is that the original was “Bitch, die in a fire”, and the Japanese version is more “…you jerk.”
Everything about you is like that, isn’t it?/ just excuses, right?/ You’re a devil, devil you are/ you better run run run run run/ it’s the end for you/ you better run run run run run/ I’ve waited long enough, hey/ you don’t seem to understand/ I said I’ve had enough of your fooling around/ you better run run run run run/ you’re going to suffer in never-before-seen ways/ run devil devil run run/ even my love has it’s limits/ run devil devil run run

Dance: ?/5
I’m not sure if I should rate it or not, because the choreography is identical to the Korean version. They don’t seem as together as the original though, so whatever score I gave the Korean version for Dance, just take half a point off.

Story: NA
Still no story to this MV. Like I said before, the set is a bit more 3D, with stuff in the background and on the sides. The white and black sets are pretty much mirror images of one another, meant to show off the duplicity I guess. An interesting thing to point out is that the black set doesn’t appear much in the beginning of the MV. It kind of cuts in more and more as the song goes on, like their anger is building. By the end you get most shots in the black.

Other Things

The way I see it is that the Korean “Run Devil Run” was showing off the anger of girls, and this MV is showing off the anger of women. It’s no comment on the members age, everything just seems a bit more… mature? I guess. The outfits play a big part in it. The white outfits are almost copies of the original, but the black ones are more varied and less goth-prom style.

Can I just say Taeyeon rocks the short hair? I’ve been thinking this with all the new SNSD MVs.

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