Fiction- Beast

I’ll warn you, this is an odd MV, and my review is going to be all over the place. I’m glad I separated these reviews into categories all those months ago when I started writing!

Lyrics: 4/5
They stick to Korean (mostly) this time, and the English is like a word or two long at most, so that raised their score (as I constantly rant- CUBE Entertainment composers have the WORST English…). I like the balance between melody, rap, and just the normal dance-song sound. I think the chorus is a bit anti-climactic, maybe even a little weak, and it doesn’t really pick up by the end of the song. That’s the only point I’d change. It needs to build power, but by the end you’re just where you started (I’m sure there’s some metaphorical meaning to that). The chorus is so flat I think I might strongly dislike it… Maybe it just has to grow on you (I’m writing this after only watching it 3 times, usually before a review I watch an MV 5+ times to get a full feel).
Again I’m like this (fiction in fiction)/ can’t forget (fiction in fiction)/ In my heart I’m writing a story with no ending/ I’ll hold on to you (fiction in fiction)/ I won’t let you go (fiction in fiction in fiction)/ in our never-ending story/ even today in fiction

Dance: 0/5
Yes, yes, I know I’ll get yelled at for this. The members do the dance very well, they are very together, and I like the domino effect where one member starts the choreography and each member starts a beat after the member before them, that looks great. So what cost this song 5 points in the dance category? That stupid penguin-walk thing that seems to be the chorus point of their dance. Once would have been… ignorable, but this happens whenever they do the chorus. I don’ t know if it’s supposed to represent kicking your toes or stumbling through life or whatever, but it looks bad. Beast has shown they can handle hard dances, and they really had it right with “Breath”, but that pengin dance… Look at a video of how penguins walk, it’s the same thing.

Story: 7/5
See? This review bounces all over the place.

The story features JunHyung as a man who lost his girlfriend (probably dumped). He writes in a notebook, creating a whole world of his own. At first he is wandering alone through this world, but as the song lyrics suggest he’s just creating the world where he can be trapped with this girl forever, a “room with no exits so you can’t leave me”.

He finds an old picture of the girl he loved and vanishes into his own fiction world. The girl he loved is wandering through the study/office/place (apparently she’s a crazy stalker?) and sees the book. She opens it and, instead of just showing writing, it shows a small screen of the guy wandering alone through this world. You’re meant to assume everything you see is what the girl is reading, but I really love the approach of a screen in the book instead of just text. Also, from the way she leaves a bigger book on the shelf and goes to the small notebook on the table I think it represents that he’s written tons of volumes of a fake life with this girl.

Anyways, he wanders through the empty city, then out into a desert where he sees her in front of him. He reaches out to touch her, but she cries and vanishes. Not long after he dissolves too, presumably giving up his fictional world and abandoning all hope.

The girl closes the book and turns to leave, then returns to write a note on a blank page. I asked my roommate to translate it (half the words are blurry and I couldn’t make them out). The Angel read it to me in English, so here is the translation, according to a Korean: “Right now I am so happy. I am writing a story. Still, it is all just my hope.”, the last bit I think could also be said as “Still, it’s all just hoping”, as in nothing has come of it.

The last lines are added when you see the camera pan, the girls hand is replaced by a guy’s, and he is writing the rest of the note. So it’s, I think, supposed to represent the girl writing “Right now I am so happy”, but then you learn, through the next shot and the rest of the writing, that the girl was never in the office, she never came back to see him, that it was all a story within his story (I guess that’s where “Fiction in Fiction” comes in).

Other Things
I like their styles, but I think the short hair theme went a bit far. All the members have very short cut hair, which… IDK, it’s not as visually sound as their other songs. And I think KiKwang needs to ditch the short hair and grow it out again, he looks too old with short hair.

I’m also grateful there were no shirtless members here too. It’s fine to show off the muscles, but it gets dull when someone does it all the time (I’m sure hard-core Beast fans will disagree with me on this).

Overall what impressed me most with this MV was JunHyung. He plays the male lead of the MV. Considering his normally tough image and the sad tones of the song I think it was a very logical choice. At first it seems unusual, why make the tough-looking member a sad, wandering man, but just think of it this way: he would have looked awkward trying to look as sad and lost as the members did when they sung. Putting him in the MV… IDK, it doesn’t fit with the image he normally has, but I really really like it.

And I think JunHyung’s acting was surprisingly good. As far as I know he doesn’t have an acting background, though he *was* a member of a ballad group when he was younger (see “Artist Profile- Xing” and scroll to whichever generation has “Poppin’ Dragon”). I guess that would explain the acting pretty well. Overall though I was seriously impressed with his work.

Again, don’t get mad, but I was happy to see less of KiKwang and Yoseob in the MV for once. I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST THOSE MEMBERS- if you follow me regularly you know how I feel about groups where one or two members are featured over the others. With this one especially I was happy to see so much of Junhyung. He’s definitely a very popular member, but he doesn’t tend to get as much screen time as the others. I’d like to see more of him and DooJoon, or perhaps more of HyunSeung, who also seems to get minimal exposure.

OK, I’ll stop digging my grave now. I think Beast fans will get mad at me for making fun of that dumb penguin-dance thing and saying I’m glad two of the most popular members got less face time (I DON’T MEAN ANYTHING BAD BY IT! I think this song is OK, and I have nothing against Beast. They aren’t my favorites, but they’re pretty good).

Oh, one more bit- from what I’ve been seeing I believe this isn’t the whole MV. Like with SNSD’s “Oh” and “Run Devil Run”, I get the impression that this is just part 1, with part 2 either to follow soon, or to appear as the second half of their promotions. Everything says “The Fiction and the Fact”, and I don’t think that only pertains to the fiction that the girl came back and the fact that the “Real world” bits were still in the story.

  1. #1 by clarifoam on May 24, 2011 - 11:54 am

    hmmmm. Music video wise, I would agree that the dancing is not all that hot. However, when Beast performs Fiction live, I feel that the dance has more structure and utilizes the members’ dancing skills more.
    I didn’t really equate their backwards shuffle shuffle to penguin wobbling until I read your review though! Keen observation~
    now everytime I see the dance move, I think of male penguins shuffling with their baby eggs balanced on their feet, braving the blustery, cold, and icy winds that spray snow crystals under their eyelidsss….

    You know Beast had a contest in which the fans would give a name to their penguin dance, right? I think penguin shuffle would fit the description perfectly!!!

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