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Announcement- Oh my goodness~

I started this wordpress close to a year ago (I think we’re one month over our birthday), and I have to say I’m stunned.

I expected maybe 5 followers, I still remember when I was excited to have 12! Now there are over 350 of you and I’m just floored~

I know I don’t post much, and I ask that you understand. I’m preparing to A) return to my University in the US, and B) Attend my University in the US for the first time (I had just been approved for transfer when I was accepted to study in Korea for a year, so I’ve never attended my University beyond some summer classes). I’m trying to get back into pace with my sites~

But what I really wanted to say was thank you all. Today we reached 75,000 LIFETIME VIEWS, and that is just absolutely incredible! I’ll get better at posting here, I promise to work hard at it, and seriously, thank you all so much~~~



What Are You Looking At? (Close Your Mouth)- M&D

M&D is a project group featuring Heechul of Super Junior and Jungmo of TRAX, so I’m tagging both original groups as the M&D tag!

Lyrics: 7/5
This is a VERY arrogant song, but the content is rather unique, and I love it ^^. The song takes place during a fight between a boyfriend and a girlfriend. The boy is asking what style the girl wants: rock, rap, dance. Sounds like she keeps complaining and left the guy as a way to try and make him change. He is having none of it though and says things like “There are no men waiting for you” and “There are plenty of girls waiting for me”. He later talks about the girl wanting to get back together saying “I have no time to meet you, I am with other girls then”. “Snarky” barely begins to cover this song ^^

Okay, fine/ should I dance?/ Okay, I understand/ should I rap?/ okay, good choice girl/ should it be rock?/ I got it/ get off, get off, get off/ (what are you looking at)/ there are plenty of girls looking for me/ (what are you looking at)/ there are no men chasing you/ (what are you looking at)/ that’s the difference between me and you/ Even so, you’re leaving?/ That’s great, oh bye, bye bye

Dance: NA
No dance for this duo

Story: 3/5
Heechul directed this himself, and the quality is really good! The MV doesn’t really tell a story though, so I had a lot of trouble deciding if it should be treated like a story MV. Basically it’s Heechul walking through the halls of the SM Entertainment Apgujeong EverySing store (a karaoke studio and press release studio run by SME) with his friends from Chocoball, a club for 4D celebrities with the AB blood type run by Heechul. Miss A’s Jia is featured as a girl who leaves Heechul then keeps trying to get him back. That is all there is as far as story goes, otherwise he’s just grabbing his friends from the hallways.

Other Things
For an MV Heechul claims to have filmed in ten minutes (most of it is one-shot style) I think this was really well done. It’s more fun to watch than a lot of MVs from professional directors.

The snarky song, the unusual MV style, everything works well in this. I absolutely love this MV.

In the lyrics Heechul repeatedly says “Get off”. These are the official lyrics, but in the song and MV he seems to be saying “Get up” instead. I’m not sure what the verdict here is as far as which are the actual lyrics.

One comment against Heechul: his lip-sync is overdone. He isn’t as bad as DBSK (THEY NEED LIP-SYNC CLASSES!), but it’s definitely a tad over the top.

This is the first MV I’ve linked to here where I actually subbed it. I hope you like my style! I couldn’t find a good version with subs that wasn’t hard to read or wrong in parts, so I subbed it myself.

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Dragon Hunters

… I don’t know why I watched this in the first place… I was bored… It was on my “Recommended” list on netflix…

Plot: 1/5
Purporting to be gallant dragon hunters, con artists Lian-Chu and Gwizdo agree to take on the fearsome World Gobbler in the hopes of collecting a huge reward. Fortunately, the brave niece of a real dragon hunter is on hand to give them pointers.

That is a bad description. The story is about Lian-Chu and Gwuizdo, two men who slay dragons for petty cash (which they are usually cheated out of) in the hopes of saving enough to buy a farm. They save a little girl from dragons in the hopes that her uncle, a Lord, can pay them for the trouble. The uncle offers them an exorbitant amount of gold in exchange for them to slay the World Gobbler, a monstrous black dragon that rises every 40 years and destroys whole towns and villages in their world where all the land floats (think “Avatar”, but there is no ground beneath the floating mountains). They agree on the condition he give them a bag of gold as pre-payment, with the rest to follow once they are done. He agrees and his niece, who he is cruel and uncaring towards, runs away with the hunters. Their goal was to take the money and just run with it, since the small bag of gold would buy them a good farm, but with the little girl in tow, and their route back to the Lord’s palace destroyed by a dragon, they have no choice but to go forward and seek out the end of the world and the World Gobbler sleeping there.

Other Things

This is animated, so I’m not going to break down acting and directing.

Apparently this is an English adaptation of a French movie, so it’s dubbed, basically. Which explains a lot about the little girl. Her looks are distinctly French (small, thin, sharp angled, extremely pale, strange hair (that part isn’t really French, but the eccentric style is French) and with a very small mouth). And the clothing on the girl has an older French feel to it.

All in all I don’t like this movie. It hits right where my sore spot is when it comes to movies. The rating is PG, but some elements are a bit strong. The human-eating dragons who can’t be killed, men driven insane and fighting with their own arms who are trying to kill them, dying children and a crazy man trying to murder a child is the least of the issues here. I don’t recommend it for the normal PG audience, it will scare them. I’d say it’s fine for 9+, but nothing under without you previewing it first.

*annoyed muttering* back in my day we had Winnie the Poo, not baby-swallowing monsters…

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