WE’VE MOVED! … and repurposed slightly!

Hello all!!! I know I haven’t been reviewing here much anymore, but I’ve been working on formatting and preparing a new site!


Here I won’t be handling music videos, I will review television shows and movies exclusively!

There is one change though from what you’re used to (other than me finally giving you pictures in reviews!!!): I won’t review entire series, I will review each individual season, since I kept seeing that some seasons are better or worse than others!

Another reason I made the new wordpress is because I intend to buy the domain name! 😀 but for now I wanted to let you all know how much I love each and every one of you who have spent so much time browsing this page and giving me nice comments! Please join me on the other page if you’d like to see more!


And if you want to follow me on my other websites here are the addresses:

Twitter: @KrissyRem
Tumblr: pretendthisiswitty.tumblr.com/

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