Big Bang- Fantastic Baby

Lyrics: 2/5
This is a dance song, pure and simple. It would be perfect for a party or rave. The lyrics are all about being at a party. There really is no other way to describe it.
“Wow, fantastic baby/ Dance/ I wanna dan dan dan dan dan dance/ fantastic baby/ dance/ I wanna dan dan dan dan dan dance/ fantastic baby/ boomshakalaka/ boomshakalaka/ boomshakalaka/dan dan dan dan dance/ boomshakalaka/ boom shakalaka/boomshakalaka/ dan dan dan dan dance”

Dance: NA
You don’t see any formal choreography in the MV. There is a lot of free dancing, but nothing I would consider choreography.

Story: 4/5
The story here is about a society where music has been banned. Each member starts to wake up and move again as people rebel against the police and soldiers controlling them. Leader G-Dragon is sitting on a throne atop a heap of scrap metal, T.O.P. appears to have been imprisoned in a painting or a museum. TaeYang is frozen and then he’s a monk (didn’t say it totally made sense), Seungri seems to be held captive by a hord of cat-women (though judging by the claw marks on him he’s been in an orgy), and Daesung is chained to the wall. As the men defeat the police they escape from their respective prisons and come together again in one party space where they sit upon their thrones (which are now all together).

Additional Notes
This is Daesung’s first performance back with Big Bang after the troubles with Korean law. For those of you who don’t know: Daesung was driving home from a church meeting around two in the morning (he goes to a church group which meets in another member’s apartment and they meet later at night to accommodate celebrities). On the way back he was driving down the highway when the car in front of him suddenly swerved. He could not turn his car in time and struck a parked taxi in the middle lane. Daesung did not learn until police arrived that the reason the taxi had stopped was because a motorcyclist had fallen off his bike and was unconscious in the street, Daesung’s car ran him over. The Korean police railroaded Daesung for the crime, and even said they would charge him with vehicular manslaughter. The Korean government took over the case, as they felt he was being unfairly treated due to his celebrity status. Their investigation cleared him of all wrongdoing and ruled it an accident, as the cyclist who died had been extremely drunk, which is why he fell off his bike. Regardless, Daesung paid the man’s funeral expenses and attended his wake to apologize to the family (he also paid the taxi driver, who did not blame him and always told the police it was not Daesung’s fault the man died).

On a lighter note, it is worth watching the MV just to see G-Dragon’s hair extensions. They may win a Guinness record for longest ever.

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