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Guess what? This is my least favorite section of the site…

I never know what to put in an “About Me” page, I’ll describe the site and then we’ll see what happens after.

I started this site with the intention of providing my own personal views on MVs as well as recommending TV shows and Movies. I used to just do this on my facebook page, but I decided to create a forum where I could organize things a little better.

You’ll find here mostly music video reviews, since that is my passion. I’m trying to post more on Film and Television, so if you’re patient that category should show improvement. I rate each section a little differently- so here is the breakdown.

1) Lyrics
~Here I will tell you what the song is about, seems to be about, might be about, or I rant about how it makes no sense. I also include the chorus of the song (translated to English) so you can get a feel for it yourself.
2) Dancing
~A lot of Korean and Chinese singers dance. I love them for this of course, but sometimes the dance isn’t all together or the choreography is a little odd, so I comment on that here.
3) Story
~If there is a solid storyline in the MV I will describe it here and give it a rating out of 5. Sometimes there isn’t enough of a story to review, in that case I describe what I like or do not like about the set they chose. Sometimes stories can be abstract, so I’ll try to figure out what is going on and give you some clues on what to watch for.
4) Other Interesting Things
~This is where you will get to see some background on each MV. This may extend to live performances or other such things. Here I post little things that didn’t fit into the other categories. If something bothered me or was cool I’ll post, as well as any controversy around the MV itself I know of.
5) MV Links
~I’ll post the music video I’m reviewing in two forms- Raw (no subtitles if it is a foreign MV) and then beneath it I will try to post the English subbed version. I download MVs from YouTube as I watch them, or sometimes before if it’s loading too slowly. So what I’m saying here is that sometimes the subbed version I have isn’t there anymore when I go to look. If I can’t find a subbed version I will let you know and keep looking every week or so. Usually if a subbed MV is taken down the fans will post it right back with a different name.

1) Plot
~I will describe the plot of the film without giving away any surprises or the ending. Also, the plot gets a numerical rating out of 5 based on how I believe it worked. Sometimes I will add a separate category for “Execution” if I think the plot was weak but the movie was still saved by directing or acting, or if I think the plot was solid and the acting or directing killed it.
2) Acting
~Actors also get a numerical score. This is where I will point out who did a great or shoddy job.
3) Directing
~Another numerical score. I blame the director for everything that goes wrong in a movie, since they are supposed to be in charge (Don’t say the Producer is, we all know they do jack).
4) Other Things
~This is where I pick on anyone who didn’t do their job right, or if they actually did.

I won’t put a separate description for Television, I follow the same format as Movies for the most part. The only real difference is that for Television I describe the overarching plotline, not the episode-by-episode plot. Oh, and since I want to work on Variety shows at some point in my career (I’m a Film Production major) I might recommend a few to you here.

~I see everything you search for as well as any posts you clicked on to read. I know, it sounds a little creepy, right? Well, I use “Reverse Stalking” to chat back to you. My policy on the site is that if you don’t want to post a question to me you can just write it in the search bar and hit “search”. The question appears on my screen and in this section I will answer it for you. I try to post here once a day or as needed. You can request reviews this way as well!

~Sometimes a song really strikes me as far as the lyrics go, or I see you all looking at the review more than any other MV, so I’ll track down the lyrics to the song for you. Now this section has a catch that confused a lot of people early on. Let me describe it:
Native Lyrics
~I first post the lyrics in their native characters. This means if it is a Korean song I’ll post the Korean, if it’s a Chinese song I’ll post Chinese characters.
~After finding the lyrics in their original form I look for them Romanized. This doesn’t mean a translation, it means  the words are still in their original language, just written with the English alphabet. Sometimes this isn’t a separate category from Native Lyrics, as I’ll find someone who posted both the native characters and romanized ones, so I’ll let you know if this category is separate or mixed in with the other.
~I won’t post Full Lyrics if I don’t have an English translation to post at the end for you. While I might be unable to find Romanized or sometimes Native Lyrics, I won’t bother to post if I can’t find the translation. Of course, so far I haven’t tried to post lyrics to a song where I can’t find the English, it’s pretty easy to get thanks to the internet 😉

~If you want to see my reviews for specific artists you can find them on this side menu. Each artist is arranged alphabetically, though their MVs are just arranged as I reviewed them. If someone from one band is guesting in another group’s MV I won’t tag that band in the post though, just FYI.

~My favorite groups will have all of their MVs reviewed sooner or later. If you want to learn more about these groups you can hit this section. It’s broken into special areas. For larger groups this may mean the Artist Profile is split into multiple parts.
1) Intro
Here I will tell you a little about the group as a whole. It can change from group to group. If their fanclub has a specific name I’ll try to find it for you here and if they have any fancolors (this is usually an S.M. Entertainment thing) I’ll try to find which color is theirs.
2) Discography
~Usually this is first, in some it might be in the second part of the Profile. Here I will post a picture and track list from the groups albums (or at least I’ll try, sometimes I can’t find all the info). Also, if there is a story behind a song I will post a little. Remember, I post a Profile if I’m a fan of the group, so I might know some really trivial stuff that you don’t think is interesting, but I do.
3) Member Profile
~ This is where Wikipedia and fansites come in handy. I will give you a picture and the real as well as stage name of each artist (and any recurring nicknames). I’ll give you a paragraph on them so you can get a feel for the singers themselves. As twitter is becoming more popular I’ll include their username should they have one so you can look them up. Any former members will appear at the bottom of the member profiles. I’ll describe them a little and say why they left.
4) Awards
~I can’t always track down the weekly music awards for artists, but I’ll try to post any awards I can see that they have received as well as who presented it to them and when.
5) MV List
~No subs, unless the list is really short, but I’ll post links to each of their MVs here. This is good for you- if I haven’t reviewed an MV yet you can track it down.

~There are controversies with MVs or other things I feel strongly about. Instead of going off on some tangent in MV reviews, I’ll post a rant on it. Rants don’t necessarily have to do with the Entertainment field, but for the most part they will. The “Rant” section is where I invite you to argue with me, but you can’t just say “You’re stupid”, please tell me why you disagree. If you agree though feel free to just say “You’re brilliant” ^_^

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