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Mr. Simple- Super Junior

Super Junior is finally making their comeback! This is the title song for their last album before they take a hiatus while members do their military service required by Korean law.

Lyrics: 10/5
This song has to have the best message ever. The lyrics aren’t about love or a breakup or anything like that, it’s basically “Shit happens, deal with it”. The song is really just advice. It’s saying grades and test results go up and down, there is no use sweating all the little details. When things get tough don’t keep pushing, take a step back, go drink with your friends (a major social thing in Korea) or spend a night out having fun and relax a bit before tackling the issues. They say things like “Miss Simple, you’re pretty just the way you are” and other little encouraging messages to both men and women. It can be summed up to “Shit happens” and “don’t sweat the small stuff”.
Look Mr. Simple Simple you are cool the way you are/ Look Miss Simple Simple, you are pretty the way you are (SJ Call)/ Look Mr. Simple Simple you are cool the way you are/ Look Miss Simple Simple you are pretty the way you are (SJ Call)/ Lets go lets go, hurry lets go/ when we get blocked let’s go back/ if you’re stressed to death let’s hang out for the day/ anyway, if I run endlessly in this rough world I’ll get tired/ wait, shake it off/ because your day will come soon

Dance: 6/5
The dance has to be one of SJ’s best. Choreographers met with each member individually and had them make up a dance step or series, they combined these with some of their own choreography so that this dance has elements from every member. The dance solo in the middle is, as always, Eunhyuk and Donghae. With them is their pet-project DanceKyu (a member who was previous the “Dance Black Hole” of the group whom they are trying to improve) and Sungmin, a member who has not been included in an SJ dance solo since Super Junior’s “Miracle” MV over 5 years ago!

Story: NA
The teasers suggested a story MV, but that might be coming out later. For now there is no story to the MV, like with “Sorry, Sorry” and “Bonamana” (though there is more color in their outfits). They revealed there is also a Japanese version of the MV that will be released at an undisclosed date, so that may be the story that was appearing in the second teaser (a man or woman tied up with red ropes and a man covered in some kind of plaster or whatnot that he was trying to break free from).

Other Things

Super Junior announced just before the MV was released that this will be their last album before the group goes on a hiatus while the older members enter the Korean military for their mandatory 2 year service (all men must complete this before they turn 30). In light of this they said they will take their time promoting this thoroughly and not rush any aspect. They will also be releasing a repackaged version of Mr. Simple in a month or two with a second MV, just like with all previous albums (Sorry Sorry=Neorago, Bonamana=No Other).

I’m still not seeing the “Ubersexual” concept SM said they would have (at least not outside the teaser images!), but it does have a very cool feel. There is none of Super Junior’s trademark hip-thrust move, but the dance is cool and very well put together.


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What Are You Looking At? (Close Your Mouth)- M&D

M&D is a project group featuring Heechul of Super Junior and Jungmo of TRAX, so I’m tagging both original groups as the M&D tag!

Lyrics: 7/5
This is a VERY arrogant song, but the content is rather unique, and I love it ^^. The song takes place during a fight between a boyfriend and a girlfriend. The boy is asking what style the girl wants: rock, rap, dance. Sounds like she keeps complaining and left the guy as a way to try and make him change. He is having none of it though and says things like “There are no men waiting for you” and “There are plenty of girls waiting for me”. He later talks about the girl wanting to get back together saying “I have no time to meet you, I am with other girls then”. “Snarky” barely begins to cover this song ^^

Okay, fine/ should I dance?/ Okay, I understand/ should I rap?/ okay, good choice girl/ should it be rock?/ I got it/ get off, get off, get off/ (what are you looking at)/ there are plenty of girls looking for me/ (what are you looking at)/ there are no men chasing you/ (what are you looking at)/ that’s the difference between me and you/ Even so, you’re leaving?/ That’s great, oh bye, bye bye

Dance: NA
No dance for this duo

Story: 3/5
Heechul directed this himself, and the quality is really good! The MV doesn’t really tell a story though, so I had a lot of trouble deciding if it should be treated like a story MV. Basically it’s Heechul walking through the halls of the SM Entertainment Apgujeong EverySing store (a karaoke studio and press release studio run by SME) with his friends from Chocoball, a club for 4D celebrities with the AB blood type run by Heechul. Miss A’s Jia is featured as a girl who leaves Heechul then keeps trying to get him back. That is all there is as far as story goes, otherwise he’s just grabbing his friends from the hallways.

Other Things
For an MV Heechul claims to have filmed in ten minutes (most of it is one-shot style) I think this was really well done. It’s more fun to watch than a lot of MVs from professional directors.

The snarky song, the unusual MV style, everything works well in this. I absolutely love this MV.

In the lyrics Heechul repeatedly says “Get off”. These are the official lyrics, but in the song and MV he seems to be saying “Get up” instead. I’m not sure what the verdict here is as far as which are the actual lyrics.

One comment against Heechul: his lip-sync is overdone. He isn’t as bad as DBSK (THEY NEED LIP-SYNC CLASSES!), but it’s definitely a tad over the top.

This is the first MV I’ve linked to here where I actually subbed it. I hope you like my style! I couldn’t find a good version with subs that wasn’t hard to read or wrong in parts, so I subbed it myself.

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Hello Hello- FT Island

This just came out today. Three lines into the song I paused it, called my friend (a huge FT Island fan) into my dorm room, and told her this was the best MV and song they’ve ever released.

Lyrics: 7/5
I really love FT Island’s style. They don’t do many slow songs about loss and love, they tend to be quicker paced (probably because this is a band, and not just a solo singer, so everyone has to do their parts). But this song is no different.  The song is about a girl who stole their heart and suddenly left them. They can’t forget her and are just telling her that they still love her. It has a strong “Bad Woman” feel to it, but the music itself is like “Bad Woman” meets “I Hope” (two of my favorite songs). I’ll explain the chorus a bit in the “Other Things” section, if you don’t know Korean it may be a bit confusing.
The word annyeong is hello hello/ now it’s goodbye goodbye/ Even if I constantly try to forget you/ It can’t be done/ I hello hello/ Oh you, goodbye goodbye/ it’s a word that means I still love you

Dance: NA
FT Island is one of only 2 idol bands in Korea (the other being C.N. Blue). That means one singer and the other members are on guitar or drums. FT Island is the original, so their singer only sings, and he doesn’t dance (CN Blue’s members all play an instrument).

Story: (starts to complain)/5
I say “Starts to complain” because I really don’t know how to rate it. The story itself would get a “3/5” for being a little unclear, but it has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the lyrics and story in the song, so I feel like it should get a “0/5” for that, but it was still really cool so I want to give it a “5/5″… So IDK, you chose which rating you want.

Hongki is seen walking down the street when he spots a crowd in front of a house with smoke coming out the windows. Presumably he knows someone in the house, because he runs in to save them. He runs through the house until he finds all the FT Island members in a room together (playing their instruments, but I think it’s just supposed to represent him finding them) and gets everyone out when the firefighters were too afraid to enter.

So that’s where it has nothing to do with the song. It’s a love song, but he isn’t saving the girl he loves, he’s saving the other members. And at the end of the video you see him just walking down the street listening to the song on his MP3 player. He looks at the building and it’s fine, then it fades back to the fire and getting his friends out. That part makes no real sense, so I think it’s a lead in to an upcoming MV?

Other Things

OK, here’s the thing with the chorus: In Korean the word 안녕 (annyeong) can be used to say both “Hello” and “Goodbye”. The song is about the duality of that, saying the boy is saying “Hello”, while when the girl say it it turns into “Goodbye”. Think of it like “Aloha” in Hawaiian. He’s also talking about the changing of the girl, saying she’s first using “Annyeong” as “Hello”, then suddenly starts saying it to mean “Goodbye”.

I LOVE the style of this song. Like I said, it’s kind of “Bad Woman” meets “I Hope” in the feel, but it also kind of has a “Nightmare before Christmas” feel for some reason on the guitar solos (that’s just my opinion). It is a very fast song, and very sad at the same time.

Overall this is doubtless my favorite FT Island MV. I can’t say how excited I was to see this out ^^ And like I said, 3 lines in I’d already decided it was my favorite song of theirs ^^ And I LOVE Hongki’s hair. First he had 80s hair in “Bad Woman”, then that orange mess in “I Hope”, then in “Love Love Love” that scarlet… stuff (it looked like a bad wig), and this is just simple black hair. It actually looks a lot like Jung Yonghwa’s debut hairstyle (Jung Yonghwa is the head of CN Blue, who acted with Hongki in a drama before debut).

The same problem as always with FT Island MVs though- other than full group shots you barely see the other members. They severely lack in face time, especially leader Jonghun and drummer Minhwan. At one point I actually thought they’d lost a member.

Not sure if this relates to the maybe-sequel, but when the members get out of the building Hongki isn’t with them, only 4 leave the building, then suddenly Hongki is standing apart from the group who rushed to them to make sure they were OK and is standing apart looking sad… So… Either he wasn’t there that day of filming, they just kind of put him off to the side, or he was supposed to be dead.

The dead thing might make sense, he collapses in the hall of the building and is unconcious until a white light shines on his face, which he follows to his members. I took that as just, something showed him the way, but now I’m wondering if he didn’t die. The smoke seems to have stopped when he gets up, like it’s frozen in the background. He walks through a door into a room that probably shouldn’t be there and finds the members… Is it supposed to be that he’s a ghost still trying to get them out?

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Too Perfect- Super Junior M

I’ve started this review like 4 times now, but technical difficulties with the MV keep stalling me~ But, late as it is, here is the review!

Lyrics: 6/5
Think “Bonamana” and you’ve got the attitude of the song. The pace is a little different, but it’s still pretty great. The song is about being in love with someone and letting them know. They talk about the girl being “Too Perfect” in their eyes, like a vision, and how they won’t let anyone but them be by her side. It’s part a confession of love and part a description of how they plan to proceed with this love. There is a bit of confusion with some of the lines as to if they are calling the girl “too perfect” or saying they are too perfect in her eyes… I think the translation might be a little off.  It has the same arrogant feel as “Sorry, Sorry” and “Bonamana”, and it’s just as addicting. I think it wasn’t written by the writer of those two other SJ hit songs, because he tends for repetitive feels, but it’s hard to say without hearing the Korean version.

Being too impatient is wrong/ trying too hard for love will make it shatter/ Being too slow is wrong/ I’ll move forward or step back as you wish/ oh too perfect/ I appear in your eyes/ I won’t let anyone take my place by your side/ your brows and eyes/ your silhouette/ your neck and shoulders/ your charm/ your everything from head to toe/ I’ve already fallen for you

Dance: 6/5
This dance is a lot harder than anything Super Junior has attempted so far. It’s powerful and strong, and even watching the members in the background shows a higher level of skill. I think this might be because now 3/4 top dancers of the Super Junior family are together in one group: Henry, Donghae and Eunhyuk (Shindong is the only one missing).

Hangeng, the former leader of SJM specialized in ballet, and his dances tended to have a jazz kind of feel. A lot of SJM’s dances had the same slick feel, and this time the style seems to take after the stronger and more rugged approach of Eunhyuk and Henry (Donghae’s style follows the lyrics more).

Story: NA
There isn’t even a story in the set here. Everything is made to show off the members, and no shots are devoted to anything else. I like the sets they are on, and I understand why they chose to show off the members of SJM 2.0 rather than go for a story MV or anything.

Other Things

There is a really cool scene where the members jump into the air and ZhouMi has his solo with them frozen around him. I think it was shot really well, and that’s got to be my favorite shot in the MV.

I’m not against Siwon or anything, let me start with that. I like that this MV doesn’t feature him as much as the other ones did. You see more Henry and Kyuhyun here, two members who tended to be pushed to the side (when they weren’t doing a solo). Siwon is featured heavily in the beginning (that old SJ superstition that if he starts a song it will do well), but you see more of the others.

I don’t like that they featured Eunhyuk so heavily. Again, I have nothing against him, but if they wanted to show off the new members they should have divided it between him and Sungmin more, or Donghae too. Sungmin tends to have the least face time in MV’s of SJ members, and I was kind of hoping to see him more here.

The hats… (sigh) why the hats… At least take ZhouMi’s.

Speaking of ZhouMi- someone please give him a sandwich? I swear that boy got skinnier, and I didn’t think that was possible.

I like Ryeowook a lot more in this MV. ONCE AGAIN (hopefully for the last time) I have nothing against him! He’s one of my favorites! I just think in this MV he really nailed the expressions and pulled off the tough guy look really well. Though not as well as Kyuhyun, I have to admit I was distracted by him even while writing this ^^

Guyliner. Yes. This was a good decision. (Thumbs up)

The MV has disappeared from SM Entertainment’s YouTube page (sment@youtube). I’m not sure what’s going on there, I can only assume they are  releasing the Korean version soon- between the Chinese and Korean version they tend to have only one.

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Hurricane Venus- BoA

Seriously, how did I get so far behind on the BoA posts?! This has been one of my favorite songs for MONTHS!

Lyics: 6/5
The song doesn’t really have any super deep meaning, so it’s hard to describe. The closest I can get is that it is a message to a boy saying that even though the girl seems wild like a hurricane if you get close enough you can find the girl at the center of the storm. It also says if you try to get close there is no chance you will avoid getting carried away. It’s not clear, but the lyrics make total sense. It’s kind of an odd combination.
Uh uh uh uh Hurricane uh uh Venus/ uh uh uh uh Hurricane uh uh Venus/ slowly slowly attacks/ slowly slowly wakes your body up/ surrounds you/ Hurri-Hurri-Hurricane Ve-Ve-Venus

Dance: 5/5
I like the dance, but the backup dancers steal a lot of the focus. They keep doing some army crawl thing that is kind of confusing. It isn’t as powerful of a dance as Copy & Paste, and it is mostly in the hips, while other songs of BoA’s tended to be more leg and arm based, but it suits the pace and song well.

Story: NA
There is no story outside of the lyrics. You see a lot of really cool sets, and about 3-4 different styles. There are a few shots (like the opening) with BoA in a white box with guys running up to it. This is highly reminiscent of her hit “Girls on Top”, so it makes me wonder if it is the same director or if it is just a throw back to that MV. They film outdoors to at a famous Seoul monument, but you can’t really tell it is outdoors, you don’t get a lot of scenery shots.

Other Things
BoA’s style for this is cool, but for some reason it makes her look much older than she is. I’m not a fan of the outfit with the shoulder pads or the one where her hair is slicked back in a braided ponytail, but the other two are pretty. I also don’t understand the solo shot with the hockey mask, it appears absolutely nowhere else, so~~~ kind of confusing.

I got to see this song performed live at SM Town Live ’10 in Seoul ^^ BoA does an incredible job of dancing and singing at the same time, which is incredibly difficult, especially to this song.


picture by me

This was BoA’s comeback song to Korea after being in Japan and the US for five years. I like it the most out of her 3 songs (Game, Hurricane Venus, and Copy & Paste). The song was written by Yoo Yongjin, the mastermind behind such hits as SNSD’s “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)”, “Gee” and “Oh” and Super Junior’s “Sorry,Sorry” and “Bonamana” ^^ it has the same addictive feel as all of those songs, but a more mature feel.


The song also marked BoA’s 10 year anniversary as a singer, celebrated at SM Town Live with a cake ^^

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Copy & Paste- BoA

I can’t believe how behind I’ve gotten on the BoA MVs! She’s my favorite solo artist!

Lyrics: 5/5
I’m not 100% sure about this, the song is a little confusing. I think it is about meeting a nice guy who has tried to change her in the past, and changing him instead. The lyrics definitely seem to imply that it is the guy who is changing, not BoA, and that she is the one taking control of the guy. You can decide for yourself though. There are two slightly different chorus lines (I’m starting to notice this in a lot of BoA songs), so I’ll post the translation of both.
B.o.A. D.N.A./ justified self esteem/ it’s all right/ yeah that’s right/ the fantasy I’d dreamed of/ the way to newly become that shiny blue star/ everything that I have/ just to you/ I copy and paste.
B.o.A. D.N.A./ Self esteem because of you/ copy all/ copy me/ a message of love/ you who always looks at me a bit more warmly/ everything that I have/ just to you/ I copy and paste.

Dancing: 6/5
It’s incredible that she can dance this and sing at the same time. It looks to be a very hard dance, similar to her original style (Hurricane Venus is a little different in my opinion). BoA shows off here how far her dance experience has taken her since debut.

Story: NA
There is no story outside the lyrics. You see three BoA’s of their own style and each with their own background. Two styles are used for dance scenes, and one seems to be just a solo shot theme. I personally like the background you see first the most, it looks very cool.

Other Things


The mysterious rig...

There is one little thing that kind of bothers me. In one of the first shots the strong back light lifts up. You can clearly see the rig it is attached to (you don’t see it anywhere else in the MV). What bothers me is that I can’t tell if that was supposed to be caught on camera or not… Typically in film if you see it then it was intended, but there have been a lot of little mistakes cropping up in MVs lately, so I’m not so confident. If you’re supposed to see it, then it should have been kept in the back a bit, not lost, but if you’re not supposed to see it the director should have done a better job of pulling it out.


In Hurricane Venus BoA had a much older look. I would have guessed she was around 29 or 30 with the shorter hair and ball cap. The three styles in this MV also make her look 3 ages. I’ll differentiate them by hairstyle, since that is where the focus is for one of them. The hair style with the epic bangs (you’ll see…) makes her look Hurricane Venus age. The second

Epic bangs

style with the bun looks around 26, and the last style where she goes back to her former long hair which became kind of trademark for her. In that last one she looks her age (24). I didn’t think hairstyles could change how old someone looks, at least not to this degree, but it really does.


The English at the beginning is what I was basing my lyric analysis off of. It is a call to men who think they can make women what they want and it says that the girl this time will be copying what she wants from them and “paste it/ to make a man of my design”. I think that is where you’re going to get your explanation for the song from. Honestly, without it I wouldn’t have any idea what was going on. Maybe it is the translation, but I haven’t found one yet that is clear.

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Miss You- SM The Ballad

Not awkward!

Lyrics: 6/5
I love sad songs, and this is a truly beautiful one. The song is about being in love with a girl who cannot forget this guy she used to love, and they cannot continue to love her because it hurts them too much. They aren’t saying they are giving up on the girl, they are saying they will miss her until she is ready to forget the last love and return. They say they should forget her and ask if she is ready to come to them yet. It has a brilliant pace and the lyrics are very clear. As trademark of a ballad song the chorus is very short, and the verse controls most of the song.
“My love can’t come to its place/ it’s going as far as the many tears I’ve cried/ I have to forget you/ I miss you so much/ Even if you don’t know that it hurts/ I forget”

Dancing: NA
SM The Ballad is not a dance group, they are a ballad group, so they stand in place.

Story: 5/5
See??? When you give them a storyline the members do not look so darn awkward around one another! I’m sorry I don’t know the names of the two lead actors, I know one was in a popular drama recently, I think “King of Baking”, but I’m not sure who the girl is, just that she works for SM Entertainment (at least that’s what my Korean roommates told me). The story is a bit fairy-tale like, but it fits very well with this song. A young man wakes up one morning and gets a call from a friend about a meteor (or at this point is it called a meteorite?). The man takes a few pictures of the thing as it crashes, flaming, to earth and continues on his way. On the way to wherever he’s going he sees a large crater in the road with feathers all around, he continues past it and sees an angel curled in the alleyway. Her wings retract to reveal bad cuts, so he takes her back to his place and takes care of her, cleaning the wound on her back (and not knowing it heals on it’s own as soon as he is gone). The two quickly fall in love, but two guys who look like pimps in white suits (presumably other angels) come after her. The guy tries to save her from them, but they try to kill him until her wings reappear and she throws them back. He wakes up again in his bed just like the day before, but when he turns on his camera to see the pictures of the meteorite he sees images of a flying angel.

Other Things

The group is MUCH easier to watch now that there are others to hold the focus of the MV. There is less awkward hand action (but Kyuhyun still does that half-up thing with his arm) and some of the shots in the story are a little corny, but all together it fits really well. I like this MV TONS more than “Hot Times”, and I hope to see a lot more STORY MVs from them in the future ^^

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