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Recommendation- Literal MVs

Literal MVs are kind of awesome when done right.

For those of you who have never seen one it is when someone re-records their own version of the song and changes the lyrics to make fun of the MV itself.

When you see one of these and it is done well you can tell just how bad the MV itself is. If you can do a literal version and it makes more sense than the actual video that means the production crew screwed up big time.

So here is my personal favorite. I’ve seen others, but this one is just *so* natural and it fits so well~


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This is where you can post your recommendations for media I should check out. I don’t follow very much English media, especially recently, and I get recommendations where I can. So please let me know what you like to listen to or an MV you thought was particularly cool or crappy.

No country music (I hate it very much)
Nothing with excessive cursing or sexual innuendo (Most rap music)

Also, please make sure I can look up the media you are talking about on YouTube, that is the only website I will visit, so please don’t post links to videos on any other website.

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