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Mirror Mirror- 4 Minute

… *sigh* I give up…

Lyrics: 1/5
Every. Freakin’. Song. With 4 Minute you get very shallow songs and they all sound pretty much alike, hence points off. The lyrics are a mixture of asking a boy why he never looks at the girl and why he teases her, and the other part are talking directly to the mirror. They talk about wanting to be the most beautiful so the boy will notice them.
Mirror, Mirror, who is the most beautiful in this world?/ Mirror, mirror, am I the most beautiful in this world? / Tell me that I appealed to you from the beginning/ When I think of you/ my reflection appears brighter in the mirror/ I’m so beautiful/ but why do you keep thinking of different things/ Why are you not looking at me/ My mirror (mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror)/ Mirror (mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror)/ My mirror (mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror)/ Mirror (mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror)

Dance: 4/5
As shallow as 4 Minute songs are, they can at least dance well. The dance is very together and seems to follow the lyrics pretty strongly. Most of the dance is just to show off the body of the members, which is pretty much what the song is too so it fits.  4 Minute has developed this weird tendency to stroke their legs while they sing, or touch their chests. All in all their dances tend to be more risque than other Korean groups, and they tend to come under fire for it.

Story: NA
Most of the sets are the members in mirror boxes or silver rooms. There are some shots that almost look like they’re supposed to be some kind of street, but the mirrors are still present. All in all the set is largely abstract.

Other Things

Seriously… I’m pretty disappointed in this group. The girls can sing and they are very talented, that isn’t my complaint. It’s their songs- all very shallow. This group seems to exist on pure sex appeal and not much else (if anything). I’d like to see more stuff like “Heart to Heart”. It doesn’t even have to be as sweet and cute as that song, they could do rock easily, just something with a little depth and not all about how the members are so beautiful and better than everyone else but they can’t get dates.

4 Minute was stunned when they had to change their “Spread-Legs Dance” (You’ll see in the MV) because music companies deemed it too sexy… seriously? The Korean music market is known for being very conservative when it comes to girl groups, I think they were just sad they had to PG the song even a little bit, since sex appeal is what sets them apart from the other girl groups.

I’ve complained about this quite often (whenever I review a video for a CUBE Entertainment group I believe): the English. Here the English makes sense, so it’s more the pronunciation. You can hear it right in the beginning “4 Minutes Left” (one of the first things even said). Hyun-A has amazing pronunciation usually, but not so much here… This might just be me, but it sounds more like “4 Minute Slut”, which I’m pretty sure is NOT what she was going for. The difference is only in the emphasis of letters, so hopefully she fixes that for live performances. I’ve looked around the fan sites and YouTube comments and I’m not the only one who hears it.

I don’t like this song as much as others. I always complain about the content and how they all sound alike, but overall I tend to like the songs (HUH and I My Me Mine are favorites), but I’m not as big a fan of this song, it’s not their best…


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Heart to Heart- 4 Minute

OK, I’m loving 4 Minute for this song! I’ll rant about this in pretty much every rating category ^^

Lyrics: 6/5
Let me start with this: FINALLY A 4 MINUTE SONG THAT ISN’T EXACTLY LIKE EVERY OTHER ONE!!!!! The song itself is very simple, but you don’t hear songs like this often, so they got a bonus point. The lyrics are a message to a boyfriend who is drifting away, making the girl feel lonely and sad. Instead of crying over the impending breakup the girlfriend is demanding the boyfriend sit down and actually talk to her. She says she will back down a bit and not expect as much as before, but demands that he at least give it a chance.
Let’s have a heart to heart to heart (talk)/ tell me more like a man (more)/ not stuffily/ not pretending/ still you and I stay together/ let’s have a heart to heart to heart (talk)/ look at my eyes directly and tell me (more)/ don’t twist your words/ don’t make me mad/ now heart to heart/ you and I heart to heart to heart

Dance: 3/5
I’m just rating this kind of low because you don’t see it. Most of the MV is solo shots or story shots, you get a few glimpses of the dance, but I guess you’ll have to rely on live performances to get the full impact.

Story: 4/5
There are a few issues with the story, but I’ll mention those later. What you see first is a girlfriend and boyfriend on the couch together. He offers to massage her shoulders and they are pretty much cute and lovey-dovey. Next you see them a little later, the girlfriend is still very much into the relationship, but the boy is distant at best. So the girl and her friends (HyunA and the other 4 Minute members) do what is natural: they proceed to make the guy’s life hell until he agrees to sit down and talk with his girlfriend.

It’s a bit unclear though whose house it is. In the beginning when he’s being a stuffy boyfriend he says he is leaving, but all the pranks against him are played within the house, so it’s either his place or hers, or maybe they share it, but it doesn’t really feel like it, since she is lurking around with her friends (if he was really so distant I don’t think they’d live together…).

Most of the group shots are in the dance club from the beginning where she sees her boyfriend chatting up another girl, walks up to him, and he blatantly ignores her.

Other Things:

I love that this song actually has some kind of meaning other than “I rock, worship me”, like all other 4 Minute songs. I think this will help them get that solid fan base they need to make it more than just a few years. I kind of don’t like just how much English is in the song, just because I think it’s a shame so much of songs these days are English lyrics. Yeah it’s nice to understand them, but I agree with the articles I’ve been reading about how Korea is disappearing from Korean music, not only with English group names, but with the lyrics themselves.

Oh well though

The hair… let me just say HOLY BEEHIVE. OK, done, watch it for yourself.

I was REALLY surprised to see C.N.Blue’s Avatar (JeongShin) as the male actor for this MV- usually when another singer appears in an MV is it for a group of the same company, and CN Blue and 4 Minute are in now way controlled by the same company (FNC Entertainment vs Cube Entertainment, respectively). He does a good job though ^^

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Change- HyunA (4 Minute) feat. JunHyung (B2ST)

This is HyunA’s solo song featuring a bit of vocal support from JunHyung of B2ST/BEAST.

Lyrics: 1/5
The lyrics aren’t clear, but (like with 4 Minute songs) the translation makes this a song that sends a bad message. This one particularly sends a horrible one, if the lyrics are saying what the songwriter means them to say. CUBE Entertainment tends to release songs with a lot of English in them (like this one) and that English rarely makes any sense with the Korean, like here. What the song appears to be saying is that no one takes the girl seriously so she decides to change. She says she will change everything, her wishes and her dreams, everything. But it isn’t saying think for yourself, it’s saying “follow me and change”. It just doesn’t feel like a very deep song or one with any particular meaning.

Dance: 4/5
Too much of the same thing for my taste, but it’s a very powerful dance. The entire chorus is hip thrusts, and most of the song follows that. It’s a lot of the same move repeated seemingly endlessly.

Story: NA
The set is an old street, a dance floor, and some random rooms. There isn’t much special about it, it looks identical to the sets from Co-Ed’s “Too Late” and U-Kiss’ “Am I That Easy”. It works well with the song, it’s just nothing new.

Other Things
I think I have socks with more fabric than some of the outfits in this MV. This MV is pure sex appeal, think any 4 Minute MV on steroids. All the outfits are teeny or reveal a lot of stomach, and the dance is provocative to say the least. With the newer restrictions Korean channels are putting on their music programs I’d be surprised if she could even perform this song anymore. In lives she wore WAY more clothes than in any shot of this MV though, so there only the dance is a problem.

I was pretty harsh against this MV, but let me just say that I actually watch this MV a lot. The song is catchy and I think the dance is unique and fits well with it. I just don’t think there is much depth to the lyrics. I don’t think I would like the MV as much if I could completely understand the Korean. It has a nice rhythm and beat, like all 4 Minute songs, and it is performed very well, but the lack of depth and disjointed English phrases make it confusing.

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I My Me Mine- 4 Minute

Another 4-Minute song about the same exact thing, who would have guessed???

As you can tell I have a little issue with 4-Minute. They sound good, they can dance, but their songs are extremely shallow. And every single song is about the same thing. It’s obnoxious. This song, like all the others, is about being the best, being on top of everything, and wanting to reset so you can have whatever you want… Yeah, any other 4-Minute song is about the same thing so I don’t have much to say.
I’m on top top top/ now for me to reset/ I-I My Me Mine/ I-I-I My Me Mine/ I can’t stop stop stop/ now for everyone to reset/ I-I My Me Mine/ I-I-I My stop stop/ re-re-replay (click click click click)/ re-re-return (click click click click)/ re-re-re-re-reset (click click click click)/ my mine my mine/ I My Me Mine

Like I said, the dance is good, kind of common, but they definitely worked hard on it. They seem to have a continuity issue within their dances. You can tell who the singing members are and who the dancing members are just by looking. They also seem to disagree about the level of popping involved in the song. That is a definite issue, they should try to match up everyone, but they do fine with other songs, so it isn’t a fatal flaw or anything.

The set is just a bunch of abstract lit sets, there isn’t anything really to get from the visuals. It’s just meant to show off the dance, not add anything to the story.

Other Things
4-Minute seems to be trying to attract their fans through the arrogant songs, sexy dances, and always having at least 1 member who is wearing practically nothing… The members are talented, that is not in question at all, but honestly the group concept isn’t one I would go for. There is no depth to their songs or anything like that. I would be surprised if, the way they are going now, the group made it past maybe 4 years. They need to vary it a bit and attract a more solid fan base.

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H.U.H.- 4 Minute

I’m starting to realize all of 4-Minute’s songs are the exact same~

This song is, just like with “Hot Issue” about doing whatever you want in life and rocking it. This song is less of “Everyone loves me” and more of “I want to be hot, so you’re going to treat me like that now”. It sounds like I don’t like the song, but I actually like the beat and everything, I think the lyrics are just really arrogant half the time. The members just talk about wanting to be on TV or in magazines and being better than anyone else, there isn’t any real depth.
Forget the words “this way” “that way”/huh huh huh huh/ erase the dreams that are all the same/ huh huh huh huh/ say humph, say humph/ I do what I want, as I wish/ me over anyone else/ I’m on the top/ don’t keep ordering me this and that/ huh huh huh huh/ don’t try to change me/ huh huh huh huh huh/ say humph, say humph/ I do what I want, as I wish/ me over anyone else/ I’m on the top

The dance for this song is good, and the members have improved their skills. With their style though they definitely aren’t aiming for any younger fans. There is nothing really special about it, so I don’t have much to say.

There is no story in this MV, just a bunch of odd sets. Some are car or bike garages, some are dance battle fields, and some are just dark empty fields.

Other Things
H.U.H. is supposed to stand for “Hit yoUr Heart”, but HYH (Hit Your Heart) I guess doesn’t have as much of a ring.

The intro song is sung by Beast, 4-Minute’s brother group.

I do like this song, I promise, I just think the content is shallow.

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Hot Issue- 4 Minute

Before I get into the review I just wanted to explain that I’m an extremely new fan of 4 Minute, so I don’t know any behind-the-scenes type stuff about this song. I’ve heard references to it, and I know it was released around their debut (I think this was their debut MV…) and that it was popular.

I loved the lyrics when I was just listening to the MV with no subtitles, but now that I see them they are really arrogant! The lyrics are about how they have all the best style without trying and how everyone wants to be like them. There is no romance to this song, it is just a bragging song. They say their group name like 20 times in the song, so there is no doubt who the band is~
From head to toe/ hot issue/ my everything, one by one/ hot issue/ everybody take control/ I’m always hot i- hot i- hot i- hot i-i-i-i-i-issue

The dance is made to mirror the song’s show-off nature. It follows the lyrics kind of closely.

There is no story in either the lyrics or the video. It was filmed on a lot of brightly lit sets that have an overall abstract nature.

Other Interesting Things
While I don’t necessarily like the English for the song, and I wish they had said the group name about 15 times less, I still like this song and the group seems talented. I didn’t give it a very good review, but I like it.

The giant clock in the background doesn’t make much sense. I don’t know what it is counting down to… But it is a cool set piece.