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Brandon Heath- Give Me Your Eyes

My best friend recommended this song to me. I’ve never heard of this singer before, but I am really interested in checking out more of his work.

The song is a mixture of a story and a prayer. The story part talks about arriving at an airport the singer has been through a million times and for the first time he looks around and really sees the people around him. He sees a man who is pretending to have a job so his wife won’t be disappointed in him and a woman who tries to smile at him so he doesn’t know she is in pain. He keeps asking himself why he has never cared and seen the people there. The prayer is the chorus of the song. It begs God for certain traits that will help him to feel what the people feel and help them. I can’t really describe it, but the entire prayer is in the chorus, so I’ll copy it for you.
All those people going somewhere/ why have I never cared?/ Give me your eyes for just one second/ give me your eyes so I can see/ everything that I keep missin’/ give me your love for humanity/ give me your arms for the broken hearted/ the ones that are far beyond my reach/ give me your heart for the ones forgotten/ give me your eyes so I can see

There is no dancing here. Based on how much guitar is featured in both the song and the MV I’m thinking this guy normally plays his own instrument.

Story: 5/5
The story is very simple and pretty literal to the lyrics. You see him wandering from the airport, then stopping and looking around him at the frozen people. He sees the jobless man and the smiling girl, but she walks out in front of a car without realizing it. He then rewinds through the airport to when he got his bag and tries to help the people around him. He catches a woman’s luggage which is falling from the belt, helps a missing child find his mother, and grabs the girls arm before she steps in front of the car. Mixed with these shots are solo ones of Brandon Heath sitting on the stairs at the airport or on a set made to look kind of like those chairs in the terminal for people to sit on and wait for their flights.

Other Things
I really love the sets in this MV for Heath’s solo shots. They don’t just use close-ups with a solid background, or the same background over and over. The solo shots are very carefully planned.

I noticed in each solo shot you see the same hat (in only one shot he is wearing it). Is this some kind of trademark of him- or is there some reason for the hat? In a couple of the shots you see it in it’s just quiet in the background, but it’s the only thing other than the singer there, so I’m kind of led to believe it has some other purpose than just an aesthetic touch.

I really like this MV. The song itself is catchy and has a great meaning, and the camera work is just brilliant. I think for a song like this you can’t do an abstract MV, so I don’t blame them for going literal to the lyrics.


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