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Abracadabra- Brown Eyed Girls

This is the first Brown Eyed Girls MV I’ve seen, and I like it. It’s definitely more… mature? Yeah, that is probably the right word. I’ll explain that in the story section though.

Lyrics: 5/5
The song is about a boy who is cheating on a girl. She gives him a chance to come only to her, and talks about how the relationship has changed her and made her a worse person and she is done. She begs him to come to her, but if he doesn’t it’s pretty clear he will be cut loose.
Every night I feel with you/ Do you love her?/Do you love her?/ inside my dreams/ Do you love me?/ Do you love me?/ bring, bring, bring yourself to me/ no matter what they say/ I’ll do anything/ bling bling my fantasy yeah/ I’ll stake anything/ I’m going to have you

Dancing: 5/5
This choreography is famous for the “Arrogant” dance (you see it in the very beginning). The dancing is centered on the legs, and it looks good. It follows the main pace of the song directly and really works with the song. The dancing also reflects the storyline in the MV perfectly (or rather the storyline reflects the dance).

Story: 5/5
Here is where the MV gets an “M” rating. The song is about a guy with two girls, and you see the guy in the MV bouncing between his two girls. In the beginning one handcuffs him to the bed (after shots of a wild night) and places a device on his chest, you don’t see what it is very clearly. As the song goes on you see him with each girl separately, and they begin to get angry that he is no breaking it off with the other. At the end you see that the thing the girl put on his chest shocked his heart and killed him. Finally, you see the two girlfriends meet and it is clear they are about to start kissing, which is kind of weird but whatever. It fits the MV perfectly and the two really work well together to set this stage.

Other Interesting Things
Sometime after this MV came out the members of Brown Eyed Girls admitted their real ages (while they had pretended to be in their early to mid twenties many of the members were actually in their very early 30s). It really doesn’t matter what age they are, they don’t look it!

There is a parody of this music video called the “Dirty Eyed Girls”. It is an official parody. The MV was re-recorded as a part of a show with members of 2 Pm and 2Am. The video became massively popular online where people all over the world gave the 2P/Am boys the nickname of being “Gay Chinese Strippers”. I totally understand how they would get gay and strippers from the video, but I’m not sure where the Chinese came from… Anyways, I linked that video below so you can see it. The members of 2 p/am re-wrote the lyrics, re-recorded the song, assigned the groups “Fashion Terrorist” to re-do the costumes (the guy in the zebra clothes), and re-filmed the MV at a sauna. The Brown Eyed Girls make an appearance in the MV (they were brought on set to scare the members during filming).

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