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Love- C.N.BLUE

I don’t usually review two songs from the same group in a row, but I was really impressed by this one. Combined with “I’m a Loner” it really sets the tone for this groups style, and I think they have a unique fusion of old jazz, rock, and pop. It’s a well directed and set up MV, definitely my favorite over “I’m A Loner”.

Lyrics: 5/5
It is a lot like David Cook’s “Lie” or Davichi’s “Time, Please Stop”. The song is about being left by a girl and asking her to lie and take you back, just for a moment. It isn’t a sad song at all though, it is extremely upbeat and happy. It actually matches the tempo of “I’m a Loner”, but overall has a higher attitude.
Tell me why why why/ I want only you/ No bye bye bye/ don’t say those sad words/ I can try try try/ if you were to come back again/ you know I want to get get get your love/ Love love love/ everybody clap clap clap/ I want you back to me/ Even if it’s a dream/ I want to go back to when I held your hand/ love love love/ everybody clap clap clap/ I want you back to me/ even if it’s a dream/ if you were to come back/ I’d feel like I own the world

Dance: NA
C.N.BLUE isn’t a dance group, they all play their own instruments.

Story: 7/5
This is what makes the MV perfect to me. The story is brilliantly done and tells a clear story. The members of C.N.BLUE arrive together in a bar, presumably after a performance since they all have their instruments in cases and the drummer has his sticks with him. The barkeep dumps the menu’s in front of them and walks away with slumped shoulders. They look around the bar and notice it is full of people with the same attitude (I think it is mostly full of women, that is what they show, but there are a few guys in the corners). All are supposed to have had their hearts broken by guys. Each is looking at a phone or sitting quietly alone. The members see a stage for live performances in the corner and decide to play a song to try and liven the place up. After they have the bar awake they head to the roof, where more heartbroken people, and continue. They sing their song of heartbreak and manage to lift the people from their depression and bring everyone together on the roof of the building where they can dance and have fun. It fits the attitude of the song perfectly. It is not stated specifically in the song, but the MV gives the feel that the people on the roof and the people in the bar are halves of the same couple, since a lot of the guys on the roof are holding the same phones as the women and they couples pair up.

Other Interesting Things
I really like this MV. The song is more upbeat than others of it’s kind, and you get shots of the other members more than the leader. I like MVs like this with a lot of group shots, unlike FT Island MVs which are very singer-heavy.


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I’m A Loner- C.N.BLUE

This song did extremely well for C.N.BLUE’s debut song (it even won a weekly music program award against such veteran groups as 2AM and 2NE1).

Lyrics: 5/5
The song has a jazzy feel you don’t usually find in mainstream music these days. It’s about drifting apart from the one you love. The singer is talking to the woman they once loved, pointing out how they are drifting and then about how the relationship eventually died entirely (She cheated). I really like the jazz style to the sung words, it works.
I’m a loner, I’m a loner/ daridiridara doo/ I’m a loner, I’m a loner/ daridiridara doo/ I’m a loner, I’m a loner/ a loner that is sad in love/ and shed tears in love/ sad sad sad sad sad sad sad tonight/ my heart hurts/ oh no no no no no no nobody knows/ Ignoring my feelings/ one two three four five six seven at night/ staying awake so many nights/ I’m comforting myself

Dance: NA
C.N.BLUE is not a dance group. Every member plays an instrument. Think FT Island, but with even the lead singer holding a guitar. And actually the face of C.N.BLUE is not the lead vocal, he shares with the others.

Story: 3/5
I’m not sure exactly what is going on. You see each of the members in a different situation, all are alone. One is in a fight, one working alone in a library, one sitting in his room, and one wandering on his own. The one wandering goes to each member and gives them an over-sized blue diamonds (diamond as in shape, not material). The members go on until they cannot stand where they are anymore. Holding the diamonds they scream in frustration. Finally they all leave where they are and come together, performing their song on stage. I think there is potential for a good background story here, but it is a bit abstract. I’m not sure what the diamonds were supposed to be, which takes down a point. I think it was supposed to represent the loner’s being tired of being solo, and so they come together so they are no longer alone. Also, the member who is handing out the stones is the lead guitarist, but not the leader of the group. I think it would have been more fitting with the story if it was the leader calling everyone together.

Other Interesting Things
This group taunted fans with previews of this song for a while, and it really helped build up the hype. Also, the leader was one of the stars of the hit drama “You’re Beautiful” which aired just last year. It is a really great show, I recommend checking it out. His popularity from the drama is what made him the face of the group from an early point.

I like this group a lot. They aren’t an idol dance group (which I tend to favor), but they have a unique style of their own and are fun to watch perform. They are very similar to FT Island, with one fewer member, so I think they will share a lot of fans.

Remember Rant #7 against entertainment companies putting their names into songs? Well, they didn’t do that here, but they did something that might be worse: C.N.BLUE is from C.N. Entertainment… THEY PUT THEIR NAME INTO THE BAND. That annoys me, but the name works… As for the BLUE part, each member represents an emotion and those together form the name: Burning, Lovely, Untouchable, and Emotional.