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Emily Osment- Once Upon A Dream

This was done in honor of the movie “Sleeping Beauty” and it’s 50 year anniversary just last year or so. It’s a modern cover of the classic song from the movie by Hanna Montana co-star Emily Osment.

Lyrics: 5/5

I liked the original song and wanted to see if anyone had done a newer version. I don’t necessarily think the remix was necessary. The song got a pop cover in this new once, and I personally think the ballad was nicer. For those of you who haven’t heard this song for some weird reason it’s about meeting the man of your dreams in real life. The song took place in the musical “Sleeping Beauty” when the Prince and Sleeping Beauty first met, as both had seen the other in their dreams as the one they would love. It’s a song about hope, and hoping the love will be as sweet as in the dream.
Once upon a time/ I dreamed we’d be together/ in love forever/ once upon a night/ i was wishing for a a never/ a never ending/ once upon a time/ once upon a night/ once upon a wish/ once upon a dream

Dancing: NA
Disney doesn’t choreograph (annoyed face)

Story: NA
Most of the shots are of the singer performing this song, or directly from “Sleeping Beauty”. There are a few shots of a boy looking for the girl he loves (the singer), but not enough to call it a story on its own.

Other Interesting Things
With Disney’s track record of turning teens into HORRIBLE celebrities, I really hope they don’t have Emily Osment sing much more, or at least I hope they don’t make her as big a star as Miley Cyrus. She seems like a good person, and she is comparatively conservative in dress (in other words, she isn’t a mini-hooker). I like her style now, but Disney has a tenancy to over-glamor things and before you know it you have nothing more than a fancy Vegas showgirl on stage.

Emily Osment actually has a good voice, it is suited to pop, but not kiddie pop, more of a rock style would fit with her. She doesn’t seem like a singing and dancing kind of star, in the MV she looks very comfortable with two guitarists and a drummer right next to her. If she pursues a singing career I hope it is not with Disney and that she keeps the live band feel, it suits her.

For those of you who didn’t recognize the name or didn’t make the connection: Emily Osment is the little sister of Haley Joel Osment, the former child star of “Pay It Forward” and “A.I.”.They look so similar you’d think they were twins~


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