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Midnight Sun- F.CUZ

Not much to say in the info for this, but the “Other Things” section should be interesting.

Lyrics: 4/5
The song is almost an internal argument the singer is having with himself. He repeatedly says the love is over and that they will forget the horrible person they’ve been dating. They however can’t erase them and beg them to come back. It bounces between the two quickly. Overall it is a pretty great song, I don’t think the rap (or speaking part, whatever) fits into it very well though…
Love will die/ such love will end/ I can endure it/ I will forget someone as terrible as you/ I want to forget you/ and erase you/ the cruel you/ I want it so bad/ I wanna go back to you

Dance: 5/5
This is my favorite dance for F.CUZ. It’s very precise and together, but that could also be it’s fault. There are no backup dancers, just the main 4, and with them moving in sync I’d say 85%-90% of the time it can make for a very repetitive video that won’t hold the viewers attention for the last part.

Story: NA
The set is an old manor, but beyond that there isn’t really a story. This MV was made to draw total and complete focus to the group members, with little distraction allowed.

Other Things
This is part of a “Final Throws” promotion for F.CUZ. That means this could very well be their end. “Jiggy” and “No One” promotions did not do very well for the group and so they were supposed to disband. They got permission from their company to try one last time, to avoid being labeled as a “Failure Group”. For this song in particular the thing they were most proud of is that no auto-tune was used, they are all singing as they would live. Well… I guess it’s good that they are showing off their vocals, but they should have been doing that from the start, it isn’t like they have a bad sound.

The big news with this one was the teaser, which was pretty steamy. It included, among other things, a shot of a hand (supposedly one of the members’) reaching down into one of the girls shirts. Well, that never appears in the MV, and neither do the other extremely controversial shots, so don’t worry. You get several shots of models that look totally strung out on drugs or something, and a few shots that kind of seem to hint at drugs (fire melting stuff over a drink), but it’s pretty PG, kids wouldn’t pick up on anything. There is no groping in this MV. The teaser served it’s purpose: getting attention for the group through shock value.

Personally I hope the group sticks to this style, it suits them better and they will stand out more as a group rather than just kind of blending in to all the others out there. Now if only they could figure out that to have a successful album you need to ACTUALLY APPEAR ON VARIETY SHOWS then they’d be guaranteed another album.


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Jiggy (Chinese Version)- F.CUZ featuring Yao Yao

See? I told you I’d review it eventually!

Lyrics: what the hell is this? -_- /5
Seriously… What the hell is this nonsense -_- . Tell me, now. Explain yourselves!

The original song is about getting over a breakup and taunting the girl, saying look at me now, I’m happy. It’s like a happy “go f- yourself” song. I liked it! This new one is about seeing a cute girl and falling in love, promising to give her anything she wants. It’s asking her to “be my girlfriend” and repeatedly talks about how cute she is. -_- no. And there are lines (I’ll mark them with * on either side) sung by the girl back.
Get get getting jiggy/ getting jiggy/ jiggy jiggy jiggy/ getting jiggy getting E E E/ oh oh oh Only you and I have chemistry/ *with our hearts beating as one*/ *it’s so sweet*/ jiggy jiggy, jiggy jiggy/ getting getting jiggy jiggy/ jiggy jiggy jiggy/ getting jiggy getting E E E/ oh oh oh I’ll give you anything you want/ *I only want you and me*/ get get getting jiggy

It’s the same choreography as the good version. -_-


Other Things
Can you tell I really HATE this MV??? It literally makes me nauseous. The lyrics are sloppily translated and a guy who talks like that would make me want to barf. Half the lyrics are promising strange things, like “If your mom needs help opening a breakfast restaurant I’ll help” and “I’m ready even if it’s poisonous” (not about the food, about falling in love). -_-

THE RECORDING. If you are going to record a Chinese version of a song with a female duet, then realize that you will actually have to spend the money and time to fully re-record the song- NOT JUST THE PARTS THAT CHANGED. It’s horrible! The original parts of the song are laced with a voice over of the girl and the verse and changed parts stand out from the rest to such a ridiculous degree it’s obvious they just took those tracks and replaced them with voice overs. Turn on the song then bar it (don’t watch this MV -_-) and you’ll hear exactly what I mean. The sound mixing is horrendous.

THE GIRL IS NOT CUTE!!!! She is trying too hard to be cute and sweet looking, that is what makes me feel ill. She is trying so hard to act cute she just looks obnoxious, like a bad joke. She tries to smile too much, and the zooms are too close, it’s just annoying!!! Plus the camera is so close she is cross-eyed half the time. And it’s kind of obvious she has those eye-enhancing contacts in (they make your eyes look larger than they are by expanding the colored part). She seriously goes for some unreachable level of cute only babies should ever achieve or strive for, and it makes you want to punch something fuzzy. I’m sure she isn’t this obnoxious in all songs, or else she wouldn’t be popular, but in this she really goes way too far to look cute.

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No One- F.CUZ

Somehow the F.CUZ MVs got grouped together in my computer, but oh well, 2 in a row

Lyrics: 5/5
This is a total change from Jiggy!  No One is an angry song. It is about hating the girl who betrayed them and wanting nothing more to do with them. It says they are done with love and hate that they were in love. It’s a very fast song, I love the change in style.
(get low) you laid down my heart and crushed it/ (alone) you left me behind/ (oh no) I don’t need you now/ there is no second chance/ I have stopped my heart/ There is no one/ no one no one no one no one no one/ There is no love either/ no one no one no one no one no love (ha)/ My heart doesn’t need any of this (yeah)/ There are no wounds of love/ there is no one/ no one no one no one no one no one (clap)/ no one no one no one no one no one (clap clap)/ no one no one no one no one no one (clap)/ no one no one no one one one

Dancing: 5/5
Honestly I like this dance a lot more than Jiggy. Jiggy was great, don’t get me wrong, but this dance is awsome. It’s sharp and very together, when I first watched this MV I only noticed the dance, I didn’t pay attention to the lyrics, it is captivating.

Story: NA
There is not even a hint of story shots in this MV, just ground shots and a few well-placed solo shots.

Other Interesting Things
Like I said, this is a totally new direction from Jiggy. Half the members are only barely recognizable. Member YeJun (the one with the curly hair from the cute version of Jiggy) is completely unrecognizable. I thought they replaced a member! I like this style a lot more for them, they really look brilliant and threw off the cute image of Jiggy with no doubt.

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