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Kangta- Love Frequency

Finally a decent translation!!! I actually found one a few days ago, but I demand quality in my videos, so I waited until a better one appeared.

The song is kind of arrogant. It’s a song about how the singer has an unstoppable attractive charm that draws ladies in. He kind of tells a story about meeting a girl who is trying to be beautiful and seductive, but his charm has snared her and he already sees through all of her fake charms to the girl underneath. He says repeatedly that he knows she is in love with him and it isn’t his fault he’s amazing. He also talks about trying to attract the girl as well, so it isn’t all arrogance.
Continuously, continuously, continuously, continuously/ I give off a charm-like atmosphere/ little by little, little by little, little by little, little by little/ see through all of your thoughts/ until, until, until, until/ I used my charm to melt your heart/ instantly, instantly, instantly, instantly/ you can’t help yourself (from falling in love with me)/ hey~ the atmosphere’s temperature will soon increase and ferment/ burning at all times/ hey~ the atmosphere’s temperature will soon in crease and ferment/ burning at all times/ Hey~ love will soon set off the alarm/ not breaka shaka

The dance is quick but not as flashy as idol groups. It’s not boring to watch, it’s just a bit simpler than you usually see, maybe because Kangta’s image of being an Over-30 Idol and one of the heads of SM Entertainment (Chairman). He gives off a more sophisticated look I think old H.O.T. fans will appreciate. That being said I have to criticize- those backup dancers (especially the women) have absolutely TERRIBLE coordination and energy. They look like they’re going through the motions. I get that Kangta chose older dancers as his backup to go with his own image, but these people have almost no heart and the dance is far too loose. Kangta looks great, I was impressed, but the energy around him is shot and it throws the whole dance down.

Story: 3/5
A story does appear around the middle of the MV. You see Kangta getting dressed and going to a kind of posh bar or party (though he doesn’t seem to know anyone there). After a little a beautiful girl enters alone (F(x) leader Victoria) and Kangta falls under her gaze. She tries to pull out the tricks to attract him and in the end they are just laughing and joking together. I think this is supposed to be the part of the lyrics of the good girl trying to act seductive to get the guy but he already gets the charms.

Other Things

Kangta isn’t trying to hide his age and do younger style music. I think the song will be popular with all ages, but the dance is a little simpler and his backup dancers (if they ever wake up) are around the same age as him. It kind of gives him the feel of an idol for the more grown-up audience who isn’t taken in by the main idol groups.

This song is in Chinese. I think it’s interesting that Kangta’s going into Chinese promotions with his comeback album after over 3 years and his 15th anniversary album. I would have thought he’d hit the Korean market, but that works. I look forward to seeing more of him. I caught an interview he did a few months ago (not the whole thing was subbed though) and he seems funny.

There was a statement made by SM Entertainment a while ago that H.O.T. might be making a comeback some time in the near future. With Kangta releasing a solo album in China I don’t know how recent this might be. The news came along with the last H.O.T. member, Tony, being released from the military. As I understand it though one other H.O.T. member is contracted to a Chinese company, so I don’t know how complete re-grouped H.O.T. may be.

I like Victoria’s look in this MV. It’s very sophisticated. She’s totally SM Entertainment’s default MV girl- this is her 4th guest appearance in another singer or group’s MV- the others being SHINee’s “Noona is So Pretty (Replay)”, Super Junior- M’s “U” (filmed around the same time), and TRAX’s “Cold Hearted Man (Let You Go)”.

As I mentioned in the review Kangta has been in the army, but that isn’t all. He’s also serving as Chairman of SM Entertainment and is one of the most powerful in the company.

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