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Bad Romance- Lady Gaga

Ugh~ Gaga reviews are always hard to do. On the one had I love the song, and she actually has choreography, which is really unusual for an English MV. On the other hand- visually it’s weird as hell.

The song is about seeing a bad guy and wanting him. It acknowledges that he is a bad boy and has a lot of hatred to him, but they still want him despite everything. She walks about them being able to “Write a bad romance” with their love.
I want your lovin’ and I want your revenge/ you and me could write a bad romance/ I want your lovin’ or your lovers revenge/ you and me could write a bad romance/ oh~~~~/ caught in a bad romance/ oh~~~~~/ caught in a bad romance/ rra-ra-ra-ra-ra roma-a-a-a ga-ga-ooh lala

Ok, so the choreography isn’t that on point with the song, but at least she is dancing. And with some of the heels you see her in it really is amazing she was able to do as much as she did. She is pretty much stationary in the song, meaning she doesn’t move much out of her place within the dance, but there is still definite effort there. A lot of it seems inspired by Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” meets at-the-nail-salon-letting-’em-dry. You’ll see what I mean.

Story: That’s not fair/5
A lot of Lady Gaga’s MVs are more abstract, so you can’t really rate them. If you just watch them you have no clue what is going on, but if you pay closer attention you can usually figure out eventually what is going on. Ironically in the beginning of the MV she has the most clothes on, then the least. I think there is some symbolism of her becoming more and more twisted as the “Bad Romance” continues.

Other Things
There are some costumes (the red one.) where she is really too nude downstairs. Yeah she has a great figure, she is definitely in shape, but I think I’ve seen strippers wear more clothes.

In the MV you will see some shots of her in actually very little makeup and nothing fancy done to her hair. Except for her not looking quite focused with the camera right there, I think those are my favorite shots. I don’t know why she wears so much makeup, she is prettier without it.


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