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Stay- M.BLAQ

M.BLAQ seems to have fallen into a rut- too many of their songs lately are about breaking up.

Lyrics: 3/5
The song is a plea for a girl who is walking away to stay. They ask her to both stay with them, and stay in their heart. The girl has been drifting away for a time, and now they are ordering her to come back. They also complain that they can’t forget her and that she’s hurt them. It’s unclear if she has already left or if she is in the process of leaving, they bounce back and forth a bit.
Oh baby stay with me/ stay by my side/ you were my everything/ ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah/ stay in my heart/ oh baby stay together/ only I am looking only at you like this/ i i i i i i i i / stay in my heart

Dance: 3/5
They do the dance well, but it doesn’t really seem to fit with the lyrics… And some members definately don’t seem to be as into it as the others. There also is some fighting between the maknae’s in the back row (Mir and Thunder) as to just how the dance is supposed to go. It needs to be a little more uniform and coordinated.

Story: NA
There is no story, the set is just a dark room, sometimes cement and sometimes steel. It’s a very dark MV and there is a large mechanical heart looking item behind them in several shots.

Other Things
I like that in this MV they put slightly less of a focus on Lee Joon. Thunder and G.O. share the spotlight here, and it’s about time. Nothing against Joon, but it was starting to feel less like a group and more like “Lee Joon featuring M.BLAQ”. I hope they pull other members into the light more and more, Joon could use a break from the camera.

Seungho (the leader) and Thunder win the Worst Hairstyles Competition. Just sayin’

All in all I wasn’t impressed with the MV. It kind of feels like an afterthought put together at the last minute before promotions. It doesn’t really stand out amongst their other MVs and the dance feels like something practiced for only a few days beforehand.


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Oh Yeah- M.BLAQ

It is pronounced “Em-Black”, for those of you who are confused. I know I was at first. This is their debut MV, so they get away with saying their name in the song.

Um, this is more of a dance song. There is some content about loving a girl and her being the only one they will ever look at, but seriously like 80% of the song is just them saying “Oh yeah”.
“Oh yeah, oh yeah/ oh yeah yeah yeah/ oh yeah, oh yeah/ oh yeah yeah yeah/ I love you/ and that smile on your face when you look at me/ oh yeah, oh yeah/ oh yeah yeah yeah”

The song focuses on the dance very much. It is a strong dance, very slick. But it is a little repetitive as the lyrics.

No story here, just the dance.

Other Interesting Things
There is some kind of weird black goo falling at the beginning and end of the MV. I don’t know what it is or what it represents, but it is kind of gross~

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Before you ask, it’s pronounced “Em-blaq”, I was confused at first too.

This song is kind of funny~ The lyrics seem innocent enough, until you put it with the MV!

Lyrics: 3/5
I can’t tell how they were using the “Y”… sometimes I think it is “why”, other times I think it is supposed to represent something else, but I’m not sure what that is… The song is addicting, that’s for sure, but now that I’m watching the MV on the side of my screen as I type, I just don’t quite get it… The lyrics are mainly (I think) asking the girl for a reason she left, and giving her the opportunity to take it back and return (and from the story in the MV she should have listened!!!).
Give it to my Y/ Listen to my Y/ please look back at me/ give it to my Y/ answer me, tell me why you’re acting like this to me

Dancing: 5/5
The dances are really heavy on everyone lining up behind one another and then jumping out to the side. I think they are still deciding exactly what they are within their chosen music style. Their first song had a very simple and repetitive dance, this one is a bit tougher, but also very simple at times.

Story: 6/5
The story is very- WAIT, WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?! And I like it. I really love stories that don’t have common endings. Throughout the story you see Joon trying to get over a love he had that was lost. He remembers all the good times he had with the girl (from the lyrics you know she’s the one who ended it). He is depressed and sometimes angry he can’t get the images out of his head. He writes in his diary that he wants to just erase her. Then he showers and gets dressed in a nice suit, puts a ticket (I think it’s for a plane) into his jacket pocket and leaves. He finds the girl again at some kind of exclusive room in a club with Seungho (the leader of MBLAQ). He’s obviously her new boyfriend or a guy flirting with her, and she is definitely interested. Joon pulls Seungho away from his girl, then grabs her to take her away from the club with him. She pulls her arm from his without even getting up, angry that he is there. Joon remembers the time he reached out to her when she was sitting on his bed. As he remembers this we see him in the club also reaching out to her once again. Until… HOLY SHIT HE’S HOLDING A GUN!!! He shoots her! Seriously! He just shoots her in the head! (This is why they got an extra point ^^). He shoots his girl (now that whole “I’m going to erase her” thing he wrote is sounding pretty evil!) and drives away. As he drives he remembers all the love they shared and all the fun they had. He gets out of his car on a bridge, drops the gun, and screams to the air.

Other Interesting Things
I really hate their outfits… The whole neon look is great and all, but why do all the pants have large black triangles on the crotch? It looks like each member is wearing a fancy diaper…

I love uncommon endings to stories, and shooting your ex is definitely uncommon in MVs like this!!!

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