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I Must Not Chase the Boys- Play

I think this is one of the only songs by them I still like. I really loved their music and everything back when they were promoting, but this is the only MV I look back on and don’t think “What the hell was I thinking?”

The song is about being caught between a child and a woman. They want to go after boys but still aren’t supposed to, which is driving them crazy. It has a faster feel and isn’t their usual kiddie-pop sound. For the first time they don’t dance and have a band with them, so I guess it feels more rock, but it’s still a pop group for sure. The song is sexier and more mature than any of their other MVs.
I wanna give into the woman in me/ I wanna be someone they don’t want me to be/ the moral of the story is I’ve got no choice/ I must not chase-/ I wanna go left when they tell me go right/ Don’t wanna be the little girl they’re kissin’ good night/ the moral of the story is I’ve got no choice/ I must not chase the boys

None here, the members are at microphones in front of a band, so they don’t dance.

Story: NA~ish/5
The sets here play large parts, but there isn’t really a story. You see each member in a different location. One is chasing the ghost of a boy, like a memory, and one is locked in a large cage with the key around her neck (which is kind of weird~). The last two members are both writing “I must not chase the boys” over and over again, even on their own arms (that was a pretty cool costume idea!).

Other Things
This was a good look for Play, but I remember it being a huge culture shock for their fans. I was around the average age of the fan group back when it came out. After the other kiddie-friendly Play this sexier and older one was just too abrupt.

I REALLY love their outfits. The corset-tops are great and really work well with the feel and pace of the song.

Visually this is one of my favorites. The colors are all faded out so that it is just a step above black and white, and it was filmed in such a way that I think it made the members look less… stupid? than their other MV (I will review that one eventually). It looks very intelligent and thought out, like they put effort into breaking the kiddie-pop image and didn’t just half-ass it.


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Cinderella- Play

I’m seriously driving my friends crazy asking them if they’ve ever heard of this group. They were HUGE in California (where I grew up for a while) and I just don’t believe them when they say they never heard of them in the mid-west. So if you haven’t heard of them I’ll look at you like you’re nuts but understand… They were seriously like the little girl version of N*SYNC, that is how popular they were where I lived.
The song is about being an independent girl and not wanting to bee like the people in a fairy tale. They talk about how the girls always are sitting and waiting to be saved, when they feel like they can save themselves and don’t need to wait for a boy to do it himself.
I don’t wanna be like Cinderella/ living in a dark old dusty cellar/ waiting for someone/ to come and rescue me/ I don’t wanna be like Snow White waiting/ for a handsome prince to come and save me/ on a horse of white/ unless we’re riding side by side/ don’t wanna depend on someone else/ I’d rather rescue myself

They do dance, which as I keep saying is kind of unusual. Their dance is even more active than usual, but it is kind of stationary. They still are in the lead for English singers dancing, as their choreography seems more intense and together. There are moments where it suddenly stops, and call me old fashioned but I Think some of these moves are way too grown-up and sexy for a group as young age-wise as Play was.

Story: NA
The MV was filmed at a concert, and includes some behind-the-scenes shots of rehearsal before the concert starts. For the most part though this is a concert MV, not an actual song MV.

Other Things
This is another one of those Swedish groups that had amazingly good English, even more so since they are all young girls.

I’m kind of wondering at their stylists choices. It seems like the one in the most revealing clothes is always the group’s youngest… She is like 12, she doesn’t need to be a sex symbol.

This group got a really lucky break. A member quit to focus on college shortly after they hit it big, and she was replaced by one much younger. The group tried to follow this new image with a return to their original cute girl style (they had gone towards more mature looks and music previously) and fell flat on their faces. The group dropped off the face of the earth before fans could get sick of them or before they went too far with the sexy girl image. I think they would have ended up psycho like a lot of the young girl singers back then, but luckily they flopped and got some much needed time out before two re-grouped and resumed promotions (I’ll do an Artist Profile eventually and talk about that).

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